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Hello Friends, How are you ?  Today we are going to discuss an information as well as very useful topic and that topic is Credit Card . It is very important in today’s busy and technological life. As we all know that day by day technological changes takes place so having a credit card is most important. After demonetization and COVID -19 pandemic its use increases day by day.

What Is Credit Card ?

Friends, before knowing about  it, it is important that we give you information that what is a credit card and why it is important to keep it. It is a rectangle shaped card on which name of the bank in printed . Name of card holder is written as well as expiry date, and card number is also written. It is important to have a this card because using it gives many benefits.

Credit card

How To Use Credit Card ?

Using a it is not a very difficult task. We are here to tell you that how we use it. The step of using this card is as follows.

1) If you are buying something online, then after shopping you have to go to the payment option.

2) After that you have to click on the option with payment through credit.

3) After this an OTP comes on your registered mobile number. The payment becomes successful as soon as you enter the OTP.

4) Apart from this, if you are shopping offline, then you have to give your card for payment to Shopkeeper. After this the shopkeeper asks you to enter the pin of the card and after that the payment becomes successful.

How To Get Credit Card

Getting card is not a very difficult task. It can be hold by any person from any bank whether his account is in that particular bank or not. For this, a few formalities are required, After completing you can get a credit card of any bank without spending any money. To get credit, no charge or fees have to be paid. It can be made in two ways which are as follows :-

1) Offline

Under this, the person who wants to hold this card has to go to that bank whose card he or she wants to apply  credit. For this a form has to be filled which we can get from bank. The bank agent tell you how to fill the form, as well as the procedure after that. After doing this, the remaining procedure is done by the agent from whom you are getting your card made.

2) Online

You do not even need to go to the bank to get this card. Agents of all banks keep calling people on their own. If you receive such a call then you can tell that agent that you are interested in getting this card. If you do not have a call, then you can apply for a credit card from the app of that particular bank .All the documents are also submitted online because we are already customer of that bank. It is also possible to make a credit card of a  bank in which you do not have an account. If you want to make a credit card online of that bank then you will have to apply online in that bank or whenever you get a call from the agent of that bank, you will have to tell him that you are interested in getting this card.

Benefits Of A Credit Card

1) Cash payment is not allowed in some places and if in such a situation you do not even have a debit card and you do not use any kind of online payment app, then you can pay using this  card.

2) One of the biggest and different benefits of using a this card is that even if you do not have money, you can pay anywhere or we can say that you can ask for anything when you have this and later  on you can pay your  bill.

3) To make payment from any app, it is necessary to have money in your account but in case of this card such thing is not require.

4) Another advantage of using a this card is that it improves your credit score if you are using app credit card and paying its bill on time. If you are a credit card user then your credit score will be much better than the person who does not have this card.

5) Because your credit score is  good, so any bank is ready to give you loan easily, you do not have to face much problems.

6) The advantage of using a this card is that it gives you reward points and you can use it for further shopping.

7) Most credit cards do not have to pay any annual fee. With the help of credit card, you can buy any item and you do not need to pay instantly. You can make an installment of that amount by paying some of it and pay it on a monthly basis.

9) By using credit card, there is an extra discount of up to 20% in online shopping, especially on shopping from Flip kart and Amazon.

10) With credit card, we can pay not only shopping expenses but also school and college fees.

Disadvantages Of Using Credit Card

1) Though credit score improves with credit card, but if you do not make timely payment, then your credit score also decreases.

2) One of the disadvantages of using a this card is that even in the event of no money, we get into the habit of shopping, which increases burden of money on us.

3) Another disadvantage of this card is that if we apply for credit card and it is rejected for some reason, then our credit score goes down .

4) Some  cards are also chargeable about which people are not aware and many times the bank agent also does not tell the customer about this and at the end of the year, the card charges are levied. So people have to face a lot of problems.

5) Many times we do shopping with this card but  in making payment bank takes some extra charge from us, this is another kind of disadvantage of using it.

6) Many times people shop more than the limit of this card for which the bank charges along with the interest of whatever extra amount is used.


I hope this information helps you a lot in using credit card safely. If you have any query or suggestion on this topic feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will  try to resolve your queries as soon as possible and also work on suggestion.

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