All ABOUT E-COMMERCE: PROS AND CONS OF E-COMMERCE OR CRITICISM ON E-COMMERCE : He’ll friend, today we are going to discuss a very important and daily usable topic. Yes guys your guess is absolutely right. Today’s topic is E-Commerce. It means selling of good and services not in physical form i.e. over internet. In today’s lifestyle everyone in every field even a small kid is also using internet. So if we are using internet daily for Every work then why we cannot using internet for buying and selling of good and services. So guy’s start using internet in your daily buying and selling of goods and services and save your time and energy.

What Is E-Commerce ?

E- Commerce means a business model that deals in goods and services over internet. We can say it is buying and selling of good and services with the help of internet. Today Era is internet and we can see it at every home due to modernization. In today’s world every body use internet in their day to day life and this use of internet helps in E- Commerce. This buying and selling can be done on Phone, laptop, desktop, tablet etc. You just need one thing that is internet connection. It is not necessary that you have a different Wi-Fi connection for buying and selling of goods and services, your Mobil phone internet is enough for it.

Market Segments In E- Commerce Or Types Of E-Commerce

E-Commerce mainly work on 4 marketing segments. These segments are in this form-

1) Business To Business

It means selling of goods and services via internet between two businesses. It is also known as B2B commerce.

2) Business To Consumer

As the name itself suggest it means selling of goods and services between businesses and their consumer over internet. Business to consumer is also known as B2C market segment.

3) Consumer To Consumer

It refers to buying and selling of good and services directly between individuals. In this no mediator is there. An individual sell their good and services to another individual directly. This segment is also known C2C segment.

4) Consumer To Business

It means an individual sell to business organization. I know a question definitely arises in mind of you that how an individual can sell to business organization ? So guy’s don’t get confused an individual can sell to organization. For example an artist can sell or license their artwork for use by an organization.

E-Commerce type

Benefits Of E-Commerce

Buying and selling good over internet offers lots of benefits which are as follows-

1) Convenient

At this platform buying and selling becomes Convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere, you can order anything at anytime from any place.

2) Availability Of Large Selection

In electronic mode large variety of goods and services are available and we can make selection from them as per the suitable price .

3) 24*7 Available

In this transaction can be done any time anywhere whether in night or day and in every day of the week.

4) Tracking Possible

Tracking feature is available at this platform. We can track our goods or services. We can see where our product arises and how long it will take to reach us.

5) Less Price

Price is also less at this platform because here goods directly reaches to customer without help of mediators. This platform totally remove interference of mediators.

6) Saves Time

Using e-commerce platform save our time. The time that waists in going market is save here. We do not require to go market. Anything can be order only just a one click.

7) Easy Return Facility

In case the product ordered is not satisfied you or it is defective then E-Commerce also provides return facility also. This facility is also through electronic mode. This is like same as you buy it you just have to click on return product and also select the reason for return.


Disadvantages Of E-Commerce Platform

Thought E-Commerce offers lots of advantage but it has some drawbacks also. These drawback are as follows-

1) Unable To Touch Product

In this platform we do not have chance to touch product physically. We have to rely on offered quality. We have to set in mind that the quality shown on product description exactly same what we received.

2) Fraud In Payment

At this platform we make payment online. In this process sometime our debit or credit card information is sometimes hacked by hackers.

3) Not Possible In Case Of Uneducated Person.

Working on E-Commerce platform is very difficult or we can say impossible for a person who is uneducated because it requires skill to operate computer, phone, laptop etc. with the use of internet.

4) No Guarantee About Product Quality

This platform do not guarantee about the product quality. Sometimes the quality which shown in product description do not come when we order it.

5) Delay In Delivery

Sometimes product do not reach to us as per the expected delivery date. So we can say it is not suitable in case of urgency.

History Of E-Commerce

Its origin is around 40 to 42 years old. It is not today’s technological change. It was the story when people didn’t had Android phone or desktop or laptop also no knowledge about internet connectivity.

Impact Of E-Commerce

It has positive as well as negative impact on people and impact on people will impact the country. It helps the small business enterprise to sell their products directly to customer without help of mediators which reduces the cost and time. Due to it lot’s of jobs opportunities comes but there is a threat to traditional workers who do not have knowledge of these type of technological changes to work these type of environment. In short we can say that this platform offers lots of benefits to users, sellers or make contribution towards growth of the country but it has some drawbacks also which are like an obstacle in the growth of E-Commerce sector in India.


Friends I hope this topic help you all whether you are from any age group because this topic is also related to educational field. This topic is included in syllabus of schools and Colleges to make students knowledgeable about it and also useful in day to day life. There we can say it is for all age groups. If you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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