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Magic Pin

Hello friends. How are you? Today I am here to give you more information about magic pin app. This app helps in buying online good and services and also helps in earning reward points. These points can be used in online shopping through magic pin app. This is very short information about magic pin. Today we are going to discuss about this app deeply. So friends stay continue with our website to know about Magic app.

From Where We Get Magic Pin App

Friends you can download this app in any android phone from Play Store. To download it you just require internet connectivity and a phone or laptop or tablet. This app offers lots of offer. One of the different and biggest offer of magic pin is that it offer 10% discount on recharge of prepaid mobile phone.

What Is Magic Pin?

Magic pin is one stop app that offers lots of cashback on every thing and by referring this app to your friend you can also earn points. It is an app which helps in online and offline buying of goods and services. It tie-up with different food seller, grocery shops and service providers. By using this App when we buy something from particular shop then this app shows whether that shop offers product through magic pin or not. If shop offers product or services from magic then you can easily take benefits of ofΒ  this app.


How To Earn Money From Magic Pin

We can also earn money from this app. Below are the ways of earning money from magic Pin-
1) This app gives you 200 points when you login this app first time but this offer not remain same always. This differ from time to time. Some times it offer 100 point and 50% off on your first purchase and other more offers.

2) When your friend upload their first bill then you also get some point or coupon code.

3)You can use magic points to save up to 50% with top online and offline brands like Flip kart, Myntra, Amazon, fashion, food and grocery.

3) To earn points through this app when you buy some whether online or offline then you have to upload that bill in Magic Pin app. After some period of validation the points will credit in your Magic Pin Aap.

How To Upload Bill In Magic Pin App

Step 1: Go to earn tab in app.
Step 2: Then search the shop name that shop bill you have in search box.
Step 3: Click on that particular shop.
Step 4 : Click on upload bill.
Step 5 : For first time uploading bill it requires selfi click but for second or further time it did not required selfi you just have to click photo of your bill.
Step 6 : Write the total amount after discount i.e. enter that you paid on that bill after discount.
Step 7: click on okay.
Step 8: Now your bill is uploaded and after validation of amount and shop name points will automatically credit in your account.

How To Use MagicΒ  Pin App Points.

1) To use magic points you have to buy products or services by using Magic Pin app. If we buy products from any other app then these points are useless. So firstly we have to buy from this app.

2) Choose the shop name or store name from where you want to buy.

3) Select the items or goods you wanted to purchase.

4) Now we can see here the total amount of the product selected after deduction of Magic Points. Here you avail magic point.

5) Now click on proceed to payment. now your order is completed after this step.

Voucher Facility

Voucher facility is also available in this App. You can buy voucher of a particular shop or store or food shop for future date. When you visit in that particular shop in offline mode then you can show that voucher and avail discount facility. Therefore we can say that discount facility is available in Magic Pin in offline mode also. This is a unique facility which is available in this. This type of online and offline mode discount facility is available in some specified apps only and if you have Magic Pin app then you can say that you are lucky one among others.

Social Gathering

Magic pin also offers facility of social gathering. When you upload bill and login in magic pin app then you can follow the people you know and that people is using Magic Pin app. Another people can also follow you. Thus we can say that magic pin also offers social gathering facility that other apps like Facebook, Insta, and Twitter offers.

Special Provisions

In spite of offering magic points this app also offers some special provisions. These are-

1) Big Friday Sale

Every Friday you can catch some extra benefits on this app on every outlet whether food, clothes, medicine, cosmetic, recharge etc. It offers saving up to around 90% on every outlet.

2) Group Buy

You can also take the benefits of group buy with friends. If one person buy a single product or take a single service then the bill of that particular product or service every friend can upload. Its means everything friend can upload the same bill and everybody get magic points.

Refer Friends Facility

It offer the facility of referring this app to another friend to earn points. By referring this app to another friend or person, the person who refer to another person will get 150 magic points and the person who receives the reference code will get 100 reward points on registration but these points changes from time to time.


How To Refer This App To Another Person

1) Open magic pin app.
2) Click on account which is on the right side of the app in down.
3) Then click on refer and earn.
4) Here if referral code. To earn points send this code to your friend.


Thank you friend for reading this article. I hope this article will help you to earn points by using this app. If you have any query and suggestions relating to this article then you can drop a message in comment box. I will definitely clear your doubts and also work on your suggestions

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