BUDGET 2022-2023

Budget 2022-2023


Hello guys, How are you? As we know that budget for this year is announced by our finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman therefore today we are going to discuss on the topic Budget 2022-2023. So guys to know what is new this budget I am welcome you all in our website nai-khoj.com. This year budget takes an increment of 4.6% as compare to last year budget 2021-2022. Budget 2022-2023 is the first paperless budget in Indian history and this happens only because of omicron wave of covid-19 pandemic.

Budget 2022-2023

As we all know that every year government pass a new budget to meet the requirements of all the sectors . Normally budget is prepared by the Indian central government and announced in the parliament assembly.
This year budget is announced by the central financial minister” NIRMALA SITARAMAN¬†& quot, In this year budget Sitaraman has specially pointed on the foundation of upcoming 25 years of our generation.


Discussed Topics In Budget

Most of us don’t know but basically this budget amount is paid by the Indian citizens in the form of income tax, which helps in development of our country. In this budget many topics are announced like road transport, Railway, MSME , agriculture, building and construction infrastructure, river linking projects , Ken Betwa projects, skill development , digital investment, education and digital banking, defense and Germs and Jewellery.

Road Transport

Under the PM Gatishakti Masterplan, expressways will be designed in 2022-2023 to ease and faster the movement of goods and vehicles .The government decides to increase the national highways networks which will be expanded by 25000km in 2022-2023.The government has approved 20000 crore rupees for the mobilization through the innovative ways.

National Pension Scheme

The government has decided to increase the tax deduction on the NPS .The finance minister has offered to increase the tax deduction of state government employees from 10 % to 14% in front of central government and all the state government employees claims their 14% NPS contribution.


In her speech Sitaram has announced that Indian Railway will going to built of 400 new energy efficient latest Vande Bharat express trains in upcoming three years. A total amount of 1,40,367.13 crore rupees allocated for the railway .The railway minister announced that they will bring better logistics solutions and help to provide and introduce new products for the small farmers and enterprises. The railway sector will also originate “one station one product” which will support local produce carried on the railways. Design of metro station and civil structure will be implemented as per the Indian conditions and need .


Agriculture Sector

Chemical free organic and natural farming will be promoted throughout the country with a focus on farmers lands in 5 km corridors with the Ganga river at the first stage.
Government had recorded the procurement of wheat in Rabi 2021-2022 and paddy in kharif will cover 1208 lakh metrics tones of wheat and paddy from 163 lakh farmers . The value amount of 2.37 lakh crore payment of MSP to their accounts. To decrease the dependency of import of oilseeds ,a comprehensive scheme to increase the domestic production of oilseeds will be implemented.


Government has announced the amount of 44605 crore for the implementation of ken Betwa projects. It is of providing irrigation benefits to 9.08 lakh hectare of farmer’s lands drinking water supply for 62 lakh people 103 MW for hydro power and 27 MW of solar power. Linking of five rivers namely Damanganga – pinjal ,par-tapi -Narmada , Godavari-Krishna , Krishna-pennar and pennar -cauvery have been finalized .The centre will support for implementation.


To enhance the convenience for citizens the government has going to rolled up the E- passport in this year .This passport will contain a electronic chip which will have been decoded with the personal information and security related data of the individuals .
Currently India issues the passport in the form of printed books .This E-passport have advanced security features like the applicants will be digitally signed and stored in the chip. If anybody teasing with the chip ,the system shall be identify it and resulting in the failure of passport the authentication.


Digital Rupee And Crypto Currency

The Finance minister has announced that the digital rupee will be introduced by the Reserve bank of India (RBI) to grow up the Indian economy. This boost is given by the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It is expected that the tax regulation of such currency is also made clear, as there are aspects of classification (capital asset or otherwise), taxation rate , disclosure of requirements that have to be addressed. Now Government has announced that percentage of 18% tax will be deducted from their investment of Crypto currency .

Skill Development

Skill will be enhanced by the skill programs and partnership with the different industries.
A new automation in the industry helps the workers to learn the technique and skill Avenue helps to build up the power and confidence in the workers. The national skill qualification framework (NSQF)will be aligned with industry dynamic needs .

Universalization Of Quality Education

Due to the pandemic of covid-19 the school and Colleges are closed from a long time .
Due to this the education is mostly affected in some areas. Specially in rural areas and those from schedule casts and scheduled Tribes and other weaker section children have lost almost 2 years of formal education. The government has started a mission to avoid the loss of education of children which is known by “one class one TV channel” programme of PM evidya will be expanded from 12 to 200 TV channels . The government has decided to provide supplementary education in regional languages for class 1-12. A digital University will be established to provide accessed to the students across the country for world class quality universal education with personalized learning experience at their doorsteps.


I hope this Budget Article 2022-2023 clear lots of your doubt. So guys if you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding to this article then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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