Hello friend. How are you all ? I request you all to stay home with family members and stay safe and healthy. I am sadhana welcomes you all in our website  Today I am going to discus with you about CDS post. This is a very reputed post in our country. This topic comes in my mind after listening the very sad news for all of us and also for our country and that news is about Chief Defense Of Staff officer Bipin rawat.

Full Form Of CDS

CDS stands for chief of defense staff. A person who holds this position is the chief leader of all defense field whether Air force, Navy or Indian Army. CDS officer head the department of military affairs under the ministry of defense. Chief defense of staff is a post that everybody want to achieve in their life. A person who have much money is less respected or powerful than a person having this position of CDS. Chief Of Defense Staff position shows the power of the country which reflect in the economy all over the world.

What Is CDS Post?

Chief Of Defense Staff comes in the first ranked and senior most uniformed officer on active duty in military in Indian and is the principal staff officer. A person who hold CDS position is chief military advisor to military of defense. Chief is also serve the position of head of the department of military affairs. The first chief of staff was Bipin Rawat who start their responsibility as officer in  office on 1 January 2020 and held it till his death 8 December, 2021. While being “first among equals” among the service chiefs, the CDS officer is a single- point military advisor to the defense minister. In simple words we can say that Chief Of Defense Staff is a Post that work as a single point advisor to the government of India

Who Get Selection Under CDS Post?

A officer who is selected from four- Star officer among the serving officer of Indian armed forces comes under Chief Of Defense Staff post. CDS is the permanent chairperson of the chief of staff committee. Chief Of Defense Staff in today’s era is a very critical position. The CDS salary and perquisites remains same as the service chief.

When This Post Is Created?

Chief of defense staff Post was created first time in 24 December, 2019. Only 23 months passes for this post. The first CDS officer for this post was Bipin Rawat. Under the observation of CDS Bipin Rawat lots of surgical strikes becomes successful.

Functions Of CDS Officer.

1) Chief Of Defense Staff officer work as a military advisor to the nuclear command authority.
2) Officer is also the person of Defense Acquisition Council and Defense Planning Committee.
3)A Chief Of Defense Staff officer implement weapon procurement procedure.
4) This officer is responsible for integrated operations of army, Navy and Air force.
5) Officer is also responsible for ensuring optimal utilization of infrastructure in three services i.e. Army, Navy and defense.

6) All the surgical strikes in defense are done under the guidance and observation of CDS officer.

About Chief Defense Officer Bipin Rawat

CDS Bipin Rawat was also known with the name of Bipin Laxman Singh Rawat. Chief defense officer Bipin Rawat was the first person who was chosen for the Chief Of Defense Staff Post. On 30 December, 2019 Bipin Rawat was appointed as the first tri- service chief with effect from 31 December, 2019. This post is created by government of India in 2019. Before holding this post CDS Bipin Rawat was the part of Indian military. Before being a Chief Of Defense Staff officer Bipin Rawat was an Indian military officer. He was four-star general of Indian army. He served as 57th also last chairman of the chief of staff committee and also 26th chief of army staff in Indian army.


So friend today I will not ask you how was the topic but I hope this topic encourage you to become part in Indian military and supports you to do something different in your life. So that one day the every person the country feel proud on you. By discussing this topic I want to say to all of you do something not only for yourself but definitely for the country so that people remind you I  their heart after your life left you alone. Everybody do something perfectly for their life and for their family but a perfect person is one who did something for their country.

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