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CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR WITH DANGERIOUS OMICRON GUIDELINES : Hello friends, How are you. Hope your festivals was went well in 2021 and new year will give you lots of happiness. I pray that this new year 2022 will fulfill all your dream. In the coming new year definitely everybody will plan something new. Some of you planning for new job, some for higher studies in abroad, some of you wants to marry with their partner, and some of you is planning to start a business. While fulfilling all your dreams don’t forget about  about omicron virus because studies says that this virus will become more danger in coming days. So keeps in mind the precaution start fulfilling your dreams.  Follow the proper guidelines issue by the government and world health organization and keep yourself and your family safe.


Christmas And New Year And Omicron

Again the festive season like Christmas and New Year comes but with this festive season omicron virus is also spreading their legs. Now it reaches to all the states of India and not India but also all countries in world. There for by seeing it’s harmful effects government has announced some guidelines for Christmas and New Year celebration. It is better to all of us to stay home and celebrate Christmas and New Year at home. If you are going outside home then keep proper social distancing, wear masks, use sanitizer and after coming home taking proper bath in hot water. So guys stay home, stay safe and take care of your and your families and also stay connected to our website to know more about omicron virus updates.

What Is Omicron Virus ?

It is a form of COVID-19 . It the most dangerous as compared to any other forms of COVID. Omicron impact to those people also who are fully vaccinated. This virus is like a alarm reminder that pandemic situation of COVID -19 is far from over. Omicron is now has been detected in all countries in world. No country left from its harmful impact. Due to this virus now the situation again like in the initial stages of COVID or we can say this is more dangerous situation than that time. It is spreading at a very fast rate. Some countries has announced proper lockdown after observing its dangerous effects. We can say it is third wave on COVID.

Precautions From Omicron.

The precautions for saving yourself from Omicron is almost same as we all are doing from last 19 months. Following precautions can prevent you and your family and friends from Omicron Virus-

1) Avoid to go in crowded places.

2) Keep distance from the people whether that particular people is medically fit or not.

3) Include wearing mask in your daily and all time in your habit.

4) Go outside from home only for necessities and after coming home take a hot water bath.

5) Include thing which can boost your immunity level in your daily meals.

6) Thought vaccine is not useful on omicron but still take both the dosses to prevent yourself from from other forms of COVID.

7) Follow the guidelines issued by World health organization (WHO).

Why Christmas Is Celebrated ?

Christmas is a festival that comes on annual basis like any other festival comes. It is celebrated because of birth of Jesus Christ. It is one of festival on Christian. As per the history when Joseph and Mary comes in the country they don’t have room to stay. Their child Christ born in a stable. In history there is no information about the birth date of Christ but church announced the birth date 25th December as per the Roman Calendar and this is acceptable by all. On the occasion of Christmas people distribute gifts in their families , friends and neighbor. Some people wear clothe like santa claus. In mid night this Santa distribute gifts like chocolates, toffee, dalls, etc. to make small child happy. In every market we can see Santa Claus clothes.


Christmas And New Year Guidelines

Guidelines for Christmas and New Year for different states are different. Some are as follows-

1) No people will gather any place to celebrate Christmas and New year.

2) There is proper lockdown on Christmas and New Year celebration. But this lockdown is for celebration only. You can do your urgent work.

3)As per the order on 15 December all social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural and religious events are prohibited and no gatherings can be held.

4) Religious places will remain open for prayer, but not for gathering. People are allowed to go here by obeying social distancing rule and Mask.

5) No Mask no entry rule will also apply while entering in shops and work places.

6) Haryana government also announced night curfew between 11 pm to 9 am from Christmas morning onwards.

7) For the safety of people both doses of vaccination made compulsory for entry in all public sector institutions from 1 January 2022.

8) Like Haryana, UP government has also announced the same restrictions.

9) Wearing masks are mandatory for every person on road and Market.

10) A strict guidelines are issued to sellers that they will not sell any products to person who is not wearing masks.

11) For Sarojini Nagar market odd – even guidelines are announced for 25 and 26 December 2021.


Friends I hope the above mentioned precaution help you guys to prevent from this dangerous situation also save your save which you waist if you will not read guideline regarding celebration of Christmas and New year. Our country is facing a very critical situation from 2020. It is a very critical situation for all of us and by following proper guideline we can make contribution towards country. A country cannot survive only because of its good government but a country can well survive if its people behave in a well and cooperative manner. It is the responsibility of every citizen to make contribution towards growth of country so guys follow guideline make and make your contribution. If you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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