CURRICULUM AND ITS PRINCIPLES: Hello friends, How are you? Today I am welcomes you all on a academic topic and that topic is Curriculum Construction and it’s important principles. Curriculum is a very vast and interesting topic at all stages of child. It is not important only at small age but at all stages of learning. Without curriculum construction learning is not possible. So guys stay connected to this site to learn more about Curriculum Construction topic.

What Is Curriculum?


If we say in a simple words then curriculum means the lessons and academic content that is taught in a school or in a specific course or program over a academic year.
In some of the cases teachers develop their own curriculum to improve them over years. creation of their own curriculum is very rare mostly teachers adapt lessons and syllabus or we can say curriculum created by board.
In a simple terms, ‘curriculum’ is a answer of the questions what, why, how and how well students have learn in a systematic and intentional way. The curriculum is not an end in itself but it is a way to fostering quality learning.

Principles Of Curriculum Construction

Before designing or constructing the curriculum the following points need to keep in mind. These points are necessary for the betterment for students and effective for curriculum. The principles for Curriculum Construction are as follows-

Curriculum Construction principles

1) Principle Of Child Centeredness

As this point itself explain that the curriculum should be of child centered. It means the knowledge or learning that should have to give children in the form of learning experiences at a specified age must properly suit to their age, capacity to learn, abilities to catch, and also as per their interest. The curriculum should be for the development and welfare of children.

2) Principle Of Correlation

The curriculum should be in such a way that all subjects are related to each other. As we know that subject matter of all the subjects has some relation with each other therefore they help for development of child eventually. Teaching all subjects separately is not psychological.

3) Principle Of Practical Work Of Curriculum Construction

We all know that every child is active by its nature and like to do new things. Child always learn more by doing. Therefore it becomes necessary that the curriculum provide maximum opportunity to child for practical things. This principle is all about these things.

4) Principle Of Flexibility

Due to changes in environment changes is required in curriculum for better development of child. Therefore curriculum must be flexible. Every child is different from other child in the view of learning. Due to this changes in curriculum is required as per the child ability, interest, and aptitude.

5) Principle Of Availability Of Time And Other Resources

Curriculum is the only way to know the result of a school education system. Therefore construction of a curriculum carry more significance.

6) Principle Of Forward Looking

This principle means inclusion of those topics, contents and learning experiences in curriculum which are helpful to students in their future life.

7) Principle Of Utility

According to this principle curriculum must be include those topics, contents and materials that should be useful for children.

8) Principle Of Interest

Interest is a key factor of success in any teaching learning process. Therefore it is necessary that those topics should be included in curriculum which suits to the interest of the students.

9) Principle Of Consultation With Teacher

Teacher play a very big role in construction and implications of curriculum. Teacher is the only person who have proper knowledge of children interest, their abilities because a child spend lot of time in school. Therefore it is necessary to keep proper involvement of teachers in the construction of school curriculum.


Guys I hope this article will help you in understanding the Curriculum Construction topic. Still if you have any kind of query or suggestion regarding ITC topic then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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