Emigration And Its  Effect.

Friend’s, how you. Today we are going to discuss about Emigration topic. While writing articles on passport this topic comes in my mind and also what I had observed that people has confusion about three terms Emigration, Immigration and migration. I thought why not I do something to clear all your doubt. The main motive of this article is to clear Emigration topic and clear confusion about this and migration and immigration words.

What Is Emigration ?

Emigration is defined as an act of leaving one country and taking settlement in another company due to job purpose of study purpose, start up purpose or due to and social work. We can use emigration as migration because these words can be used interchangeably but these two words have some difference which I will explain later in this topic. Emigration is a process through which an individual leaves their current residential country and settled in another company, not only settled but becomes the permanent citizen or residence of that particular country.


Difference Between Emigration, Immigration And Migration.

These three words are very confusing. People use these words interchangeably but these are different from each other in their meanings. The difference between these three are as follows-


It means moving from one place to another Place but it i.e. not necessarily that migration is permanent. It may be for temporary period. Example of migration movement of birds in winter.


It means to leave one’s country to live in another country for settlement This word is used for people. For example if a family of US leaves US and settled in CANDA then it is comes in this category. It means migrate out of the country. It focus on point of departure


It means to come into another to on permanent basis. Immigration means migrate to another country. It always focus on point of arrival.

First Thing Required For Emigration.

The very first thing that is required for movement from one country to another is passport. It is a legal travelling document. It is also a proof of identity. On passport name , date of birth, issue date and all international travel dates and destination are written. Detailed information about passport I had already give in our articles ” How to get passport” . Link of this topic is mentioned in the last of this topic. You can get information about passport from that topic.

Is Economy Impacted Due To Emigration?

If we talk about this question then answer is yes. Economy of both country is impacted. Impact is also both positive and negative. Positive impact of country in which people get settled will become negative of country from which people left. Similarly negative impact of one country becomes positive impact for another country. Economy is impacted due increase in population due to settlement of people from one country to another country. Economy of any country is not only impacted in emigration but also in migration and immigration.

Effect Of Emigration In Commencing Country.

It has lots of positive and negative impact on country in which settled. These effects are as follows-

Negative Impact

1) Increase In Population
If people comes into a country then he or she added on population of of that particular country as a result population of that country increases.

2) Decrease In Prices
As many of us already know that there is inverse relationship between price and demand of goods and services. Inverse relationship means that due to emigration demands increases and increase in demand will lead to decrease in price of goods and services and vice versa. It is negative impact for growth of country.

3) Unemployment
Unemployment is also a negative result of emigration. Due to increase in population and limited employment sources unemployment in the country in which people get settled increases.

4) Loss To Custom And Tradition
Every country has its own custom and tradition but due to commencement on local people of other countries their customs and traditions are on the line of threat.

Positive impact

1) Skill Gap Filled
Skill which existing people of that particular country do not have can be fulfilled by people who comes from another country. Sometimes some work remains pending because people do not have Skill but these work can be completed with the help of people coming from another company. It is a positive impact on country.

2) Increase In Demand Of Goods And Services
Increase in population of commencing country will leads to increase in demand of goods and services. People who live in a particular country will needs goods and services to live their life in a proper and satisfactory way and this leads to increase in demand of goods and services.

3) Increase In Tax Revenue
This is another positive impact. Now permanent people population of country increased and this leads to increase in tax revenue of government of that particular country because now increased population are giving tax to government.

4) Increased Qualified People
Though increase in population is a negative impact but increase in educated and qualified people in country is positive impact for any country. Normal in Emigration education people move from one country to another country. These qualified people make contribution towards better medical services, better schools, better engineer’s and better scientist and all these contribute towards better growth of country.


I hope this topic clear all your doubt and also helps you to understand how Emigration impact in growth of the country. If you are also thinking about taking citizenship of any other country or want to settle in any other country due to any reason then this topic help you surely. This topic also clear your doubt regarding three words Emigration, Immigration And Migration which I think every people have. If you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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