Exceptional Children: Hello friends, How are you all. I hope you all are doing well. Today I am welcome you all on an educational topic. The topic is about Exceptional children. In this topic we will discuss about meaning of exceptional children, their characteristics and type. So friends, continue reading this site till end to learn more about these points.

Meaning Of Exceptional Children

These are those children or individuals who holds unique characteristics, traits which makes them different from normal people. These children are unique in learning abilities. We all know that every children is different from other children in terms of height, weight, learning abilities, religion. Some are longer and some are shorter. Some are fast learner and some are slow learner. These are those children who face difficulty in learning therefore special education is required to them to fulfill their needs.

Exceptional children

Ratio Of Exceptional Children

We cannot fix a specified percentage of exceptional children in the population due to its changing nature. In some years the percentage of these children goes high and in some year it goes to down. The Exceptional children is found in every society or we can say in every culture but almost in the same percentage of population of that society.

Characteristics Of Exceptional Children

1) They face learning difficulties sometimes due to defects and sometimes due to superior qualities.
2) If these children are retarded in any area then their performance will go down as compare to normal children and if they are superior then the performance will go too much high.
3) Exceptional children differ from normal child in both plus and minus of mean point physically, psychologically as well as socially.
4) These are those children to whom uniform educational programme is not sufficient there they need special instructional Programmes for learning.
5) Their percentage in every society is almost same to the total population.

Types Of Exceptional Children

The major types of these children are as follows-

1) The Intellectually Exceptional Children

In this mostly gifted children comes. IQ of these children vary from 130 to 180 or above. Gifted children are about 2 to 7 percent of the average population. These children are mostly neglected in terms of special provisions, particularly in the elementary school, than are children of any other area of exceptionality. It is very hard to set normal standards for them or to leave them to their own choices on the assumption that they are well-qualified to care themselves by their own.

2) The Physically Handicapped Children

These are separate and distinct groups of children. They require special thought by educators. Physically Handicapped include children with impaired vision, children with impaired hearing, children with speech handicaps, children with orthopaedic and neurological impairment.

Children with impaired vision are subdivided into two major groups. First is partially-sighted and second is blind. The partially sighted are those whose vision comes between 20/70 and 20/200 in the better eye with correction. The blind children are those whose vision is less than 20/200 with correction or whose field of vision is significantly restricted. These type of children require special programmes, special methods of teaching, special equipment and teaching aids. For blind braille is used as their reading medium.

3) The Emotionally Disturbed Children

These are those children who have behavioral problems and those who are socially maladjusted or the delinquents. The causes of emotional disturbance may be a breakdown in the family constellation, a developmental disturbance, an economic, social or ethnic or religious conflict, unhappy home and miss behavior in school life, overcrowding in houses and schools, lack of individual attention, absence of individualized instruction, primitive discipline and ego- deflating methods of teaching or handling at home. They also need special care and attention. Sometimes they disrupt the rest of the class by their irregular class attendance. Such children need help of child guidance specialists in their life.

4) Multiple-Handicapped Child

As name itself indicate these children have multiple problems. For example Children may be mentally retarded as well as speech handicapped. The multi-handicapped or multiple-handicapped child has problem of exceptionality which is highly complicated.


I hope guys this topic help you to understand the meaning of exceptionality, problem faced by these children and many more things. Still if you have any kind of query or suggestion regarding this topic then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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