HAIR FALL TIPS: Hey guys, How are you all? I hope you all are doing well. Today I am welcome you all in our website on a very useful topic. The topic is Hair Fall Tips. In this article we will discuss that what we can do to stop Hair Fall. As we all know that this problem more common is summer due to sweating. This is the main reason this topic came in my mind. So guys stay continue reading this article to know more about hair fall tips.

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately?

If your hair is falling a lot and you do not understand what to do, then these tips can give some relief. Hair fall has become a common problem these days. Now hair fall is no longer such that it will happen only to older people. Now everyone from teenage to old age is facing these problems. We all take care of hair, but due to the problem of stress, pollution, heredity, effect of medicines, lifestyle etc., this problem is increasing more. But what can we do to reduce this problem a little? Here are some tips to avoid it. People suffering from the problem of hair fall should avoid some things like-

1) Do Not Bleach

If your hair is falling, then the first suggestion is that you cannot go two shades lighter than your original shade of hair. Actually, to do different types of color in the hair, they are first bleached. The lighter the shade, the more hydrogen peroxide will be used. This will remove the natural moisture from the hair and increase the problem. This includes dryness of hair, frizziness, hair breakage. If you are doing any other color as well then just get the root touch up done. Getting a global color done will be more harmful for your hair.

2) Do Not Do Too Many Hair Treatments

If the damage has already started in your hair, then do not go for more hair treatments. Hair Rebonding, hair smoothing etc. should not be done in the hair for more than one year.

3) Do Not Apply Mask More Than Once or Twice a Week

If your hair is getting damaged then surely you too must have been told to use many masks. Hair masks provide both protein and hydration to the hair, but this does not mean that they should be applied daily. This causes hair breakage. You can apply Moroccan oil masks, argan oil-rich masks or aloe vera masks to improve hair.

4) Do Not Use Chemical Shampoo

If your hair is already damaged, then you can use SLS free shampoo. It will be able to give damage protection to the hair. Yes, if you have oily scalp then you have to use SLS shampoo.

Hair Fall

5) Do Not Use a Fine-Toothed Comb

A coarse-toothed comb can reduce hair damage. If the hair is wet, then a coarse-toothed comb will prove to be the best. If the cuticles of your hair are broken, then use only a coarse-toothed wooden comb to reduce the friction. Combating too much hair can also cause problems.

6) Do Not Use Heating Tools on Wet Hair

Even if you feel the need to style your hair more, keep in mind that if heating tools are applied directly to wet hair, it will do more damage. Hair contains water and when direct heat is applied to it, steam starts to form and this causes further damage to the hair. At the same time, keep the temperature of the heating tools low.


I hope guys all these tips can prove to be helpful to reduce your hair problem. If your hair is falling a lot and it is not getting cured in any way, then contact the doctor and use the remedies mentioned in this article. Still if you have any kind of query or suggestion regarding this article then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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