HEALTH INSURANCE AND ITS BENEFITS : Hey guys How are you all. I hope you are doing well and taking one more step in the growth of success. I hope your all wishes come true. Today I am here to welcome you all in our website on a very special topic and that topic is Healthy Insurance. In this world of lots of disease it becomes necessary to take a Life Insurance for your self and for other members of your family. In the earlier time people complete to each other to become more successful but now it looks like that disease are doing competition from other disease to show their growth. Day by day a new type of disease come into existence. These are spreading at too much fast rate. It leave back to our scientist and doctors.

What We Can Do : To fight from disease the one thing is that we take proper food and make our self healthy and strong. The other thing that we can do is we can buy a Health Insurance plan. I know that it will not safe you from every kind of disease but it will definitely safe you from the lots of money that you spent on treatment of a particular disease. Sometimes what happens we know that what type of disease we or our beloved one have but due to lots of treatment cost of that disease we don’t go to doctor. We don’t have that much amount to take consult from any doctor on specialist. Here Health Insurance plays a very big role. To know how it works stay connected to read this article.

What Is Health Insurance ?

Health insurance is a form of insurance that covers our medical expenses and these expenses is due to any type of illness. The expenses that insurance covers include hospitalization costs, cost of medicines or doctor consultation fees. Always take health plan from reputed providers.

Health Insurance

Types Of Health Insurance

There are mainly two type of health plans:

1) Mediclaim Plans:

These are very basic types of health plans. When we get admitted in hospital then all expenses are covered by these health plans. The claim for expenses is received only for actually expenses or we can say we receive payout for only those expenses for which we have proper bills. We receive payment after submitting proper bills. Most of these plans cover our whole life up to a specified limit as mentioned in the plan.

2) Critical Illness Insurance Plans:

Critical Illness Insurance Plans cover some specific life threatening diseases like cancer, TV, kidney problems etc. It covers those disease that require long term treatment. These hospitalization plans covers the payout on Critical Illness chosen by the customer and not on actual expenses that one incurred in the hospital. It is also a substitute for income for that period of time for which we are not able to work due to illness. Payout in these type of plans are made on the diagnosis of the disease and for this the original medical bills are not required.

How To Choose A Good Health Insurance Plan?

Before taking an insurance it is necessary to think about the question that which health plan give you more benefit. Choice of a place that may not cover all your medical expenses is totally useless. For this purpose we can take advice of a person that already have health plan or who is taking these kind of plan from time to time. We can also take the help of agent dealing in Insurance plan. Here is a list of points that we have to take in mind before buying a good Health Insurance plan.

1) Protection Coverage

The first thing that we have to keep in mind is the protection coverage that plan offers. It is necessary that the plan provide Protection for a large number of critical illnesses. One plan for number of disease is good. Buying different different plan for each type of disease is too much difficult work.

2) Flexibility To Choose Plan

Always remains flexible to choose your health cover plan. Take decisions from others but final decision make by your own choice.

3) No Increase In Plan Premium

Keep in mind that the plans premium will not increase in between the plan period. Insure that there is no increase in premium during the policy term even the health condition changes.

4) Long Period Policy

Try to take a long policy term that covers you at the time of your old age. When we get old in our age then there is much threat to our health because at that age our immunity, our bones, our muscle are not too much strong that can fight up and down in our health.

5) Large Hospital Network

The plan must cover large hospital network so that we can easily access to medical treatment.

Benefits Of Taking A Health Insurance Plan

The health plan provide lots of benefits. The major benefits are as follows-


1. Coverage Against Medical Expenses

As name already indicate that the main motive of medical insurance is to receive the best medical coverage without any loss of our finance. Health coverage plans offer protection against high medical costs. It covers hospital expenses, day care procedures, domiciliary expenses, and ambulance charges.

2. Coverage Against Critical Illnesses

Health plans not only offers normal hospitalization expenses but also offers critical illness plans. The special or critical policy provides coverage against life-threatening diseases like kidney failure, bone marrow transplant, stroke, and loss of limbs etc. For these list of disease we receive a lump sum amount.

3. Cashless Claim Benefits

Medical insurance also provide cashless claim facility. In these kind of plans we are not required to make payments from our pocket. The hospital expenses are totally settled between our insurer and the hospital in which we are taking treatment. To take this benefit it is important to get admitted in the insurer’s network hospitals.

4. Additional Protection Over Our Employer Cover

Many companies for safety of their employees cover their employees with a group insurance plan. In these type of coverage if we left or change our job then these plans will not be effective .

5. Tax Benefits

Health care plans not only covers medical expenses but also provide tax benefits. Premiums that we pay for our health care policy are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


I hope guys this article help you to cover your hospital expenses. Still if you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding to this article then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions. It is not necessary that you drop message in comment box only in case of query and suggestion. You can drop message regarding your personal experience about Health Insurance.

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