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HOLI : Hello friends, How are you all? I am welcome you all in this festive season on a very joyful festival. Yes guys you are right. I am talking about the Holi Festival. Holi is a festival celebrated in the India every year.
This festival is famous among Hindus and celebrated  in month of March (estimated) with the colours. In this year 2022 Holy festival is celebrated on 17 and 18 March 2022. First day is Special for Holika Dahan and also called CHHOTI HOLI. A very interesting story is related to the first day of the festival and the second day is Special for Dhol yatra or Rang Panchami . On this day the colour of our body is different or we called multicolored. Thus it is also known as the festival of colours. At most of the places in India specially in Mathura, Khatushyam ji, the preparation of the festival is started one month before and the people enjoy the festival with zeal and enthusiasm.

Holi face colour

Holi 2022.

In this year 2022 Holy festival is celebrated on 17 and 18 March.

Holika Dahan

This day is symbol of the “BHAKTI ME SHAKTI HAI”. This day relates to the form of God “Prahlad”. Prahlad is a son of the king Hiranyakashyap. His father believe in the Rakshak but Prahlad is a devotee to the God Vishnu. His father was unhappy with his devotee in Vishnu, his father try to convinced him many times but Pralhad did not got it . At last his father decided to kill him. He sit the Prahlad in the container of hot boiling water but the hot water converts into the flowers Because of only his devotee in the God Vishnu .His father was surprised to see it but he was not accept his uncartness.

Another Story: Then Hiranyakashyap called the sister Holika. Holika and Hiranyakashyap make aconspiracy .The Holika had a Dupatta in boon and if she cover itself with dupatta nobody could harmed her. She took the Prahlad in lap and sit in the kunda of fire. But with the kindness of God fire did not touch the Prahlad while Holika was burnt in the fire. That day is called the victory of Bhakti in God. Finally that day is celebrated all over the country on the eve of victory of Good Over Evil. On this day the people collect the woods, dry leaves and old clothes at one place . Everyone wear new clothes and share the sweets with each other. The women worship the Holika and took part in singing the Bhajan kirtan and dancing around the Holika in evening. At last the woods burn a bone fire and the people prays for the good over evil and to destroy all the evils in a human.


Dhol Yatra Or Rang Panchami

This day is too much special for everyone because of the unlimited enjoyment . This day relates to the God Radha Krishna. The God Krishna play Holi with the Goddess Radha in Varindavan. In Varindavan this day celebrates every year with different patterns and Varindavan Holi is famous all over the world. The temple of Radhakrishnan decorated with the different colours of flowers .The mathura and Varindavan started charming on the festival of Holy. The people go to the temple in the morning for the worship and take the bath on different Ghats of Yamuna river . Tourists are welcome specially to enjoy this festival in a large groups.

How Holi Is Celebrated?

On the 2nd day ,The people play Holi with the different colours .On this day they wear white Kurta Pajamas or dhotis specially. They Put up the colour or Gulaal on the face of each other and wishes the happy Holi. Children fill up the water in the Pichkaari and shoot on one another with water. At some places many games are played like lath maar Holi ,kushti tournaments etc. In lath maar Holi the women attack on man with a source and the man defend itself from women with lathi but without attacking on women. People enjoy this day by singing of folk songs and dancing competition. Man also participate in the competitions and enjoy the festival with a great zeal. Many types of sweets like Gujiya ,Halwa and delicious dishes are cooked at home like pakoras, samosa ,chole bathure etc. A special drink called “Thandai” is prepared on this day which is a mixture of Lassi and Bhaang and other food items also. This festival increase and share the love between the humans. That day is for play and laugh , repair all broken relationships, forgive and forget.
But some of the people make shameful that day because of the drinking of alcohol and fights with each other after drinking. Some of them plays poker games which is impact a bad impression on the beautiful, joy and happiness festival. At last this colourful festival brings lot of happiness and unites us.


I wish that you all will enjoy this Holi festival with joy. If you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding Holi topic then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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