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Miss Universe

Hello friends, I am welcome you all with a warm heart in our website Today I will let you all know about a very beautiful contest an that contest is Miss Universe. I know every girl wants to become Miss universe but due to lack of information they are not able to become. If we provide them proper chances and right information then definitely every girl can win the Miss Universe contest.

What Is Miss Universe?

Miss universe is a beauty pageant contest. Currently United States run this contest. This contest happens every year. This contest is watched almost all over the world by every people. The estimated audience who watch this contest is almost 500 millions and around over 190 territories. This contest organization was formed around 69 years ago i.e. 28 June, 1952. Its headquarter situated in New York City in United State. The official language in which this contest happens is English. The annual budget for this contest is almost US$100 millions. Paula shugart is currently president for this contest.

Qualifications For Miss Universe

For becoming Miss Universe the following criterion need to be fulfilled. Without these qualities no one can apply for Miss Universe contest. These are-

1) The first required this for this contest is that the girl who is applying is not married and she don’t have to hold any child, and not pregnant.

2) The age required for this is must be between 18 to 27 years as of 1st January in the year in which they are participating.

3) Candidate must be ready to wear clothes as per the contest requirements because candidates in this contest are judged in three stages i.e. evening gown , swimsuit, and personality interview.

4) Candidates needs to apply through national director in their respective countries.

Rounds In Miss Universe

1) Live Show

This the first round in Miss Universe. It is also known as primary or prime- most round. In this round round candidate wear swim suit or athletic suits and give their introduction in front of judges or jury. Here the physical appearance or personality of the candidates are judged. By wearing these suites candidates go down from stage and walk on the runway in public.

2) Evening Gown Segment

This the second round in the contest. As name itself indicates in this round candidate have to wear evening gown. In this confidence of the contestants are judge and numbers are given in the basis of confidence.

Evening gown round

3) Interview Round

The top 6 candidates who clear evening gown round comes in this round. Interview round is also known as Miss Universe round because this is the final round. Here who win will become the Miss Universe for the year. In this round candidate choose one judge among the all judge who asks questions in this round from her. And after choosing this round starts and one candidate have to answer the questions of the particular judge’s questions whom she is willingly chosen.

How To Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Miss Universe Pageant?

1- Always behave yourself like a Miss Universe. Stay confident and remove fear from your mind.

2- Use most demanded and good quality skincare products such as sunscreen, acne-fighting cleansers, moisturizer to pamper your skin.

3- Remove unwanted hair from legs, hands, armpits, bikini lines before the beauty pageant, but not do same close to the day of the event to avoid visibly irritated skin.

4- Go to a best pageant coach who help to prepare you for the big- big event. Here choose best coach and not try to save money.

5- Update yourself with the all events around in the world and form your own unique answer of different types of questions. These answers must be of life related and unique. In these content your uniqueness and updated knowledge is checked.

6- Keep yourself participating in modelling competition. Do not stay home only. Go outside. Fight from different competition so that you can become confident.

7- Make different types of questions that are common for every body life and also think about those unique answers that surprise the audience and judges.

Indian Miss Universe

Indian won the Miss Universe three times till today. These three Miss Universe are-

1) Sushmita Sen 1994

She is the first women in India who whom Miss Universe. By taking this contest in her name she gives the moment to country to feel proud on our daughters. Her achievement is the achievement for every girl in the country. She won this contest at the age of 18 in 1994. She is not also a Miss Universe but also a best actress in 90th century.

2) Lara Dutta 2000

Year 2000 again the proud feeling moment for country when Lara Dutta wins this opportunity. She also works in Hindi films for which she received film fare awards. She debut from ANDAAZ movie in 2003 for which she was awarded for best female debut film fare award.

3)Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu 2021

Harnaaz is current Miss Universe. She is 21 year old belongs to Sikh family and basically from Chandigarh, Punjab. This the first time when a girl from a Sikh family win this contest. She completed their schooling from a government school in Chandigarh by this she gives the indication that a girl studying in a normal government school can also be a Miss Universe and we can stand in any field independently. She also did Punjabi movies.

Harnaaz Miss Universe-

Omicron Pandemic and Miss Universe 2021

As we all know not only India also other countries are fighting with this pandemic situation. In this situation nobody wants to go outside. Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu go outside from home and win this contest and prove a girl can achieve anything in any situation and any circumstances. When country is hearing bad news from all sides the proud Moment comes and finally we hear this news that Miss Universe comes in the hand of India or in the hand of Harnaaz. Now she is motivation for other girl. She give us a message that go outside, talk against wrong practices, fight for yourself, serve your country in front of others and feel proud on yourself. This is your life, your choice, win every moment and enjoy it.


I hope this topic motivation you to do something unique in your life and stand for yourself. If you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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