Hello friends, How are you? Today’s topic is Passport. If you are a travelling lover and you want to travel in all countries or you want to cover entire world in your list then I am here to help you. Traveling India is not a difficult task but if you want to go abroad the first thing that comes in mind is passport. After listening this the very first thing that comes in mind of every person is how we get it and who already know this that it is a required documents do not have knowledge how we get passport. I am here to give you the information from where we get it and how? So friend’s welcome you all in our website and stay connected to our website to learn more about this topic.

What Is Passport ?

It is a document that is required at the time of traveling to abroad. In this way we can say that a passport is a travelling document. If we want to go abroad then it is a necessary document. Without it we can’t go out of India whether we have lots of money or not. On passport name of the person, date of birth of the , address of the person to which it is issued is printed. In spite of this the date to which it is valid is also written. After the expiry of dates we have to apply for renewal of it. Not only Indians but if a person coming from other country in India then that person also require passport a per that country guidelines. It means we can say that to travel to another country it is a first necessary documents required in all countries.


Why Passport Is Necessary?

If you are going abroad due to any reason whether for traveling or for business or for job or to represent India in other countries or for marriage purpose or armed person going abroad then without this you cannot go. To go abroad it is the first thing that you have to show to authorized authority.

Who Is The Authorized To Issue Passport?

It is not a normal documents so a normal person or normal authority cannot issue it. It is a very important documents and also issued by a specified authority. Passport Seva Programme (PSP) division of the ministry of external affairs is authorized authority under government of India to issue passport to every citizen who fulfill all required formalities. But taking a passport is not a normal task. This authority issue passport those persons only who fulfilled all formalities and documents that is required for it.

Documents Required To Apply For Passport.

Here is the list of documents that is required to apply for it-

1) Passbook of running account.
2) Voter I’d
3) Adhaar card
4) Electricity bill
5) Driving licence
6) Rent agreement if you are living in rent
7) PAN card
8) Mobile number
9) Gass connection proof
10) Cerficate from employer
11) Birth certificate

How to apply for passport ?

Step to apply for it is as follows-
1) Go to the official website of passport Seva.
2) Click on fresh or reissue of passport.
3) Register yourself.
4) Click on apply for fresh passport.
5) Fill your requirement details and click on submit.
6) After this click on pay and schedule appointment link to schedule your appointment at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK).
7) Now select the nearest PSK.
8) Now make payment via debit or credit card or any other online mode or offline through through SBI challan.
9) Take a print of this form because it is required at the time of verification.
10) Now visit the PSK at schedule date with along with original and photocopy documents mentioned above.
11) After this police come at your address make sure you are available at that time and also make ready two person as your witness that you are living at that particular address.

How to apply for Passport

Benefits Of Having Passport.

It is not only required for traveling purpose but if you have it then it has other lots of benefits. These benefits are as follows-
1) This can be use as I’d proof. I comes under topmost I’d proof documents. It can be used anywhere where we required is proof.
2) It is a proof that you are a citizen of that particular country of which you hold passport.
3) In traveling this is the first document that is required.
4) Visa is only granted if you have passport.
5) It can also be used as address proof.
6) We can get international travel details of the person in their passport. How much, at which place, which date and time that particular person has travelled everything is mentioned in it.

Types Of Passport.

It is of three types in India i.e. Normal/Regular, diplomatic and Official passport. All these types are issued to different types of persons for different types of purposes.

1) Normal/Regular

A common person holds this type of passport and Indian Ashoka emblem is placed at the center of the front cover of it. Colour of this is dark Blue. It is helpful to custom, immigration officials and other authorities in abroad to make distinction between the common man and government officials who is holding high ranks in India.

2) Diplomatic Passport

This passport is of maroon colour. It is issued to those persons who holds diplomatic status in country or those who travel abroad due to official work. It also called passport of type “D”. This type is also issued to person who work in Indian foreign services.

3) Official Passport

It is issued to those persons who represent government of India in official business. This type is also issued to people of Indian armed force. It is of white in colour. The people holding this types are eligible for different facilities while traveling.


Friends, I hope the above information will definitely fulfill your dreams to cover the entire world in your travelled location list and also if you are going abroad for some official purpose then the biggest obstacles in this will definitely remove by these information. You can complete your official work very well. I hope your all queries will resolve by this article still you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely clear your all your queries an will definitely work on your suggestions.

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