How To Play Sudoku Game

Hello friends, How are you. I hope you all are doing very well. Today I am here to discuss a very interesting and mind blowing game. In this game you have to play with numbers or we can say you have to arrange numbers in a box in a certain sequence. Yes guys most of you are absolutely correct. The name of this game is Sudoku. Sudoku is a mind sharping game. This game can be played by all age groups except kids because this game require some use of mind. You can play this game online as well as offline. So guys stay connected to our website to learn more about how to play Sudoku game online as well as offline.

What Is Sudoku Game?

It looks like a square box with nine square box in it. It comes in different colors and themes. Each and every nine square box contains numbers from one to nine. You have to fill a number in a box that never comes in that particular box and also not in that row or columns. You have to fill each nine box in the same way. When all the box are filled with numbers then this puzzle get solved. I know that initially it is little bit difficult to fill numbers in such a way but it is my personal experience that after 4 to 5 puzzle you can easily solve any Sudoku Game without any mistake.

Sudoku Game

Key Features

1) Levels-

Sudoku puzzles come in 4 difficulty levels and that levels are – easy level, medium level, hard level and expert level. If you are a new learner then always start with easy level because as level increases complications also increases.

2) Highlight Duplicates –

If we are playing it in online mode then it also helps to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column and block by highlighting that number but this kind of facility is not available in case of offline mode.

3) Themes –

This game comes in different colors and designs. We can choose the theme as per our requirement and interest.

4) Auto-Save –

If you have to do any work in between the playing period then there is option to pause the game and resume the game without any lose. After completion of work you can play that level from where you have left that.

5) Sudoku Online & Sudoku Offline

We can play this game online as well as offline. For playing it online we have to download Sudoku app in our Android phone or laptop or desktop from Google Play Store. For offline mode it come on daily basis in “the time of India” and “Nav Bharat Time” news paper. It also found in Book of children. We can play offline it from these sources.

From Where We Get Sudoku Game

We can easily get this game in times of India newspaper in its Delhi times portion. Sometimes This game is also given in kids books. To play it online we have to download Sudoku game app from Play Store. This is totally free of cost. We do not require any amount to download it from Play Store. The things that need to play it online is an android phone or laptop or desktop and internet connection. Nothing more than these things are required to play this game in online mode.

game 1

Benefits Or Advantages Of Playing Sudoku Game

1. Boost logical Thinking

Every body think that Sudoku is mathematical game but in reality it is not a mathematical game. It does not requires any arithmetic skills, but in reality it require logical reasoning. By continuous play of Sudoku you can improve your logical thinking.

2. Improves Memory & Recall

As we all know that playing this game improves logical thinking which leads to start habit to remember specific strategies and recall what worked in previous Sudoku puzzles.

3. Develop Quick-Thinking Skills

It is exactly true that Playing Sudoku improve quick thinking skills. People who is playing it on daily basis have more quick thinking skills as compare to other peoples.

4. Increase Concentration

Playing this game require concentration because one wrong number will destroy entire game. So we can say it improves concentration habit.

5. Regular Playing Minimizes The Negative Impact Of Dementia

Studies always shows that brain exercise throughout life can help to build a healthy reserve of brain cells and connections. This game is not less than the brain exercise. Therefore can minimize the risk of Dementia.

6. Help To Reduce Anxiety & Stress

This is a saying that if mind is fresh everything is fresh. We feel much better. Playing this game refresh your mind and therefore reduce anxiety and stress.

7. A Way To Develop Child Problem-Solving Skills

Children who struggle to solve problems can use this game to solve their problem. A child go through a series of trial and error to solve it which leads to develop problem solving skills.

8. Healthy Pass-Time Source

Most of us choose to pass the time in unhealthy ways like drinking, overeating, gossiping, or obsessing over social media platforms. If we have good or healthy source then why we use unhealthy pass – time source. So guys try to play Sudoku as a healthy pass time source.

9. Sudoku Promotes A Healthy Mindset

As we all know that without proper nutrition and physical exercise, the body becomes slow or unproductive, and we start to feel lethargic and unmotivated. A healthy diet and daily exercise like to play this game boost happy vibes and get the body fit and healthy.

10. Sudoku Is A Very Affordable Hobby

Some hobbies are costly but Sudoku is not in newspapers it comes on daily basis. We can play it in phone also without any cost. We can use websites where we can play it free.

11. Promotes Healthy Competition

On Sudoku annual World Championships happens from time to time. Competitions are also happens in schools, clubs, etc. These Competitions are usually based on how quickly players can solve the this puzzle.


So friends how is the information provided by this article. I can definitely say that if you are Sudoku lover then this article will definitely help you to learn more features of it. If you are not a Sudoku then after reading you will definitely become its lover because it’s features are too amazing and useful. I hope this article help you to know that how to play this game. After playing it you will feel relaxed. So guys if you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding to this article then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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