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Paytm App

Hello guys. I hope you are doing well. As we all know that again the festive like valentine weak, Holi and marriage season are started and due to these seasons the total burden will automatically comes on our pocket. The main reason is lots of shopping in this season. Sometimes we are not able to buy something due to shortage of cash. Today I am here to solve your problem. Today I will discuss a very interesting and an important online payment method and that is Paytm App. So friends, stay connected to our website to learn more about Paytm App.

What Is Paytm App?

Paytm App is a online payment app approved by Reserve Bank of India. We can say that it is like a digital payment which we can use anywhere and anytime. If we have this App then we can do any shopping at anywhere using it. If we did not have money in cash still we can do shopping or can purchase anything by using it. We Just required to scan a QR code of the person to whom we want to make payment or we have to enter Mobil number to that person.


Paytm App not only offer payment facility but we can use it to transfer money from one account to another account. We can use it in online and offline shopping, booking movie tickets, train ticket, electricity bill payment, postpaid and prepaid recharge, to pay credit card bill. Paytm is a safe and secure payment mode. We can trust on it without any doubt. It is very simple and convenient to use.


How To Download Paytm App?

It is very easy to download Paytm App from play store. We Just need a normal internet connection and a mobile phone. First of all write Paytm in search bar of Play Store then download it. It is totally free of cost. Anyone can download it from Play Store at any time anywhere. It is of white color with dark and light blue color “Paytm” is written on it.

Refer And Earn Facility

Paytm App also provide refer and earn facility to its users. Any Paytm user can refer this app to their friends and earn cashback of rupee 100. We can earn money using it not only by referring it to friend but this app also gives cash back on online shopping, transfer of money, payment of bills and recharge of SIM. So we can say it offers lots of ways to earn money or attractive cashback.

refer and earn

Free Credit Score Calculation

Paytm App also provide facility to its users to calculate their credit score. We just need to open this app and click on credit score tab. After clicking credit will automatically calculated. This credit score is very helpful. A good credit score will help you to get loans easily. Credit score can be improved by timely payment of all dues, all EMI, all credit card bills etc.

How To Use Paytm App Wallet?

Paytm Wallet is very simple and convenient to its users. We need to register once on it at the time of login .
We have to follow the following steps –
Step 1: First of all Download the Paytm app in mobile phone and create an account by using email id.
Step 2: Once our account is registered and it get verified through One Time Password (OTP), we can add money to our wallet. We can add money in wallet through credit/debit cards, UPI, or net banking.
Step 3: We can save our card details or bank UPI details for faster transactions. It is safe and totally secure.

Send Money Options In Paytm App

We can send money using Paytm in three different ways. These are as follows-

1) Scan And Pay

In this we have to scan QR code of that particular person’s Paytm number to whom we want to pay. To scan QR code we have to click on this option. This option can we useful only if we are contacting face to face.

2) To Mobile

If the sender and receiver are not at the same place or no face to face contact is possible and we want to send money then this option can be used. For this we want mobile number of the person to whom we want to send money and that number should be linked with Paytm. By clicking on this option and entering the mobile number we are able to send money.

3) To Self

This option is for transfer of money to self account as its name is already indicating. If we have two or more than two accounts and we want to send money from one account to another account then this option will help us.

4) To Bank Account

This is the last option available in Paytm to send money. If we do not have QR code to scan also don’t have mobile number of receiver then this option is used. In this option we want account details like account number, IFSC code, name of account holder and name of bank of the receiver. If we have these details then we can easily send money using Paytm App.

Benefits Or Advantages Of Using Paytm App

Benefits of Paytm App

1) No Extra Charges

One of the biggest advantages of using it is that there is no extra transaction fee if we make transactions from bank account to digital wallet or from digital wallet to bank account .

2) No Physical Visit Required

In this it is not necessary to go to the offices of any public service, through this digital payment app we can cancel all bills in a very short period with just a few steps.

3) Saves Time

As we know time is very important in everyone’s life. Due to this digital payment facility we are not required to visit public sector offices which saves lots of time. This
provides a time savings that today is very important to everyone and give us the advantage to save our time in our busy days.

4) Purchase Of Any Item Is Possible

Paytm App provide a platform to purchase any type of item at just the single click of a button. We can purchase any item whether it is too much costly or not.

5) International Transaction

It allowed international transactions about over 50 banks.

6) QR Code And Mobil Wallet Payment

Payment through QR code and mobile wallet can be easily made using it.

7)Metro Card Recharge

We can recharge Metro cards by using this app itself. By this we are not required to stay in long lines.

8) Tickets Booking

Any type of tickets can be booked using this app. The ticket can of movie or concerts, flights or trains.

9) Bill Payment

We can use Paytm to pay our all type of bills. These bills can be of house, electricity, DTH, postpaid mobile, shopping bill.

10) Cash-Back And Incentives

It provides cash-back incentives to motivate their users to use this daily basis or we can say for the promotion of this app.


So friends how is today’s topic. I hope most of you are using this Paytm App. If you are not using then after reading this article you will definitely start using it. If you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding to this article then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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