HOW TO USE PHONEPE: Hello friends, How are you? I hope you all are doing well? Friends as we all know that in the universe only earth is a planet on which life is exist or we say that a place where the human can survive . For survival on the earth human have some important needs . The fulfillment of these needs makes our life easy . In this fulfillments the most important are Roti, Kapda Aur Makkan (Food , clothes and Home). Food provides us energy to do work and efforts, clothes cover our body and save us from heat , light , cold and all types of different weather conditions. Home helps us to cover the head and save us from rain and other weather related issues. Home also provide us a shelter to live at a place .But now a days a new need is most important for us that is money. Therefore I choose a Money related topic for today. Right friends, today’s topic is Phonepe. Money makes our life is so simple and easy .

What Is Money?

It is a currency which is printed in the Reserve bank of India but in a limited quantity. It helps us to buy anything. Nothing is available which can’t get by the money .This control of money is under the surveillance of United countries . This is not possible to print the currency in any amount. Our Indian currency is RUPEE. Indian currency is printed in notes and metal coins. Like Note of 10 rupee,50 rupee,100 rupee 2000 rupees etc. and coins of 1 rupee, 2 rupee, 5 and 10 rupees. RBI distributed this money in different banks.

Difficulties In Life Without Money

A very long time ago when their is no money, it’s very difficult to survive on the earth. That is because we are not able to get the required things. At that time there is too much shortage of food , clothes and homes on earth . People travels from one place to another place to fulfil the requirements. In those days, people exchanges one thing in respect of another thing which is a big deal because we had to find out the same person whose requirement is relates to our thing and our requirement relates to his things. Due to this reason it was too much difficult to survive . A lot of people works on the exchange of food only. But after some time Raja Maharaja declares their own state currencies which helps the people to fill desired goals. From this process after the civilization the government follow the same procedure by maintaining proper laws and rules .

Banking Sector Origin

In the 1935 , India’s first RBI Bank is opened .This is a another source which makes our life reliable . RBI opened new banks in all the states, cities and villages also and make a control on all the branches . To save our money from any type of risk , people started submitting their Savings in the bank and bank started provide a simple interest on their amount as per annually charges which helps the people to take interest more in bank scheme. Now bank started many schemes to borrow money from the bank and deposit money in the bank .Bank also provide different type of loans like home loan , personal loan , car loan and other types also with a small amount of interest charges within the time limit .But we have to visit the bank for all types of transition but Now electronic ATM(automatically teller machine )is fixed in streets from which we can get easily withdraw the amount without any visit to the bank from our streets.

Online Modes Of Transferring Money

Now finally the time changed and we can easily withdraw and transfer the money without going going anywhere. We got all the bank facilities in phone’s and mobiles .We can transfer the money directly bank to bank by addressing the account number and by using BHIM UPI ID through various apps like google pay , phonepe, Paytm etc. In India mostly people using the phone pay application software for banking and payments .

What Is Phonepe?

It is an application software which is used for online banking. It can easily be installed in mobile and laptops . It’s founder is Sameer Nigam . This app is founded in December 2015 .It is a company of digital payment methods and financial technology. Rahul Chari and Burzin Engineer is also the partners of this company. It is a certified app and 100 Percent secure.


How Phonepe Works?

1) Firstly installed the app in a smart phone from play store.
2) Then make your profile in the application.
3) To start sending and receiving money you must to linked your bank details with the application .
4) Complete your KYC form by submitting the pan card , id proof details .
5) After completion of KYC you are able to use the features of application.

Maximum Limit Of Transferring Money Using Phonepe

The maximum one day limit is 1 lakh rupees through P2P. You can transfer maximum 10 person to person payments in a day. For more than 1 lakh rupees transfer ,we can link another bank account. We can also open merchant account for business purpose and make a large amount of payment by using it.
Note: These limits vary from bank to bank

Features Of Phonepe

1) We can transfer money via mobile number and BHIM UPI ID , bank to bank only .
2) We can also transfer the amount in self account.
3) we can check the balance of account linked with this app.
4) We can make the payment of Mobile recharge postpaid and prepaid , recharge Dish TV , electricity bill , cylinder payment , home rent , fast tag recharge , cable TV , water bill, education fee, broadband payment , metro recharge , train ticket booking ,and piped gas .
5) Payment of financial services and taxes like credit card Bill , loan repayment , municipal tax ,LIC Insurance is also possible using this app.
6) Different types of donations is also possible using it
7) It offers different types of brands and voucher subscription.

8) It also provide coupons of different types like in shopping , Grocery and personal usable items .
9) Now it also helps to invest money in different types of form like gold , silver, small caps fund , mutual funds ,taxes and SIPs .
10) The most important thing is we can get the history of the all transactions easily.


I hope guys this information will help you to keep your all transactions safe and secure. After reading it you can easily operate this App and able to transfer money to anyone anywhere. Still if you have any kind of query or suggestion regarding Phonepe App then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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