Income And Investment

Income And Investment

Hello friends. How are you all ? I am sadhana welcome you all in our website Today we are going to discuss a very interesting as well as most important and reliable topic and that topic is the income and Investment. Everybody need income to survive and income make investment possible. If income is not there then investment will not possible. So we can say that Investment is totally depends on income. Therefore  first we discuss about income then investment.

What Is Income ?

Income is related to the money .The amount which is earn by a person by doing work in any field like Industry, Defense, Farming, Laboring, Business , Engineering , Politics etc. In present life humans are fully depends on money. Money is the basic need of human life . A human who want to eat ,he need first money to buy the food .To fulfill their all the needs money is most important. For education , entertainment, business, vehicle, property etc. are achieve by money only .If a human works hard and honestly ,he easily able to fulfill their needs by earning money. Development of any country ,state or city is totally depends on the annual income of its people.
“This follows basically Newton third law in which explain that the object follows action and reaction.”
If a person work it can easily get the income but if it not works then their income become nothing.

What Is Investment ?

Investment follows on a simple principle that if you have income source then you can make investment. It means the amount which is saved by a person from their income after fulfill their day to day basic needs or getting out their all the expenses.  Investment can be made in different ways like in money, gold, property, share market, crypto currency ,banks etc. Earning income is tough for a human but to save and invest some amount is too much tough for the person from their income.

Different Types Of Investment

Let us we discuss about the different types of investment :-

1) Banks

If we are talk about the safety of our money, Government Bank is only the single method in which your investment is 100% secure. Because these banks are control by the Reserve Bank of India and Central Government . The bank is a institution of finance where people deposit their amount of income for future time and then banks as per demand for another person creates the amount of first person in form of loan to another person.
The bank provide interest on the principal value to the depositors on their amount as per the bank interest rules and bank collect that interest from the person who borrow money from the bank or we can say the person who take loan from the bank but the interest provides to a depositor is less as compared to the collected interest from a person who borrow money from bank .In this way we conclude that the bank is a mediator between two different person .

Name Of Some Most Popular Banks Are

1. State Bank of India
2. ICICI Bank
3. Axis Bank
4. Kotak Mahindra Bank
5. State Bank of Travancore
6. State Bank of Maharashtra
7. Punjab National Bank

2) Share Market

It is a little risky investment but if it is in discipline manner ,then it is the most efficient ways to build up their income in a long and large investment .It is a market where the people invest their money for gain profit. They bought the shares of companies and when the value of shares increased ,the people sold them those shares and get own money back with a good profit .It is basically the stock trading market.

Profit in Share Market

The profit in share market is much better as compared to the bank . But if we compared it with a bank the bank is too much safe and secure while share market may also cause to debt . Share market depends on the growth of the company if the company grows up then you get easily too much profit but if the company goes down continuously then your investment is also decrease and it may also become zero if company declare itself debt . It is not necessary that we invest total amount of our income in share market even we should invest a very small amount of income. In present there are too much mobile apps in which you can easily invest your income in share market Like grow app ,wazirx, etc.

Share market

3)Crypto Currency

It is also a method to invest money but this method is highly risky . It is the digital or virtual currency which is bought ,sell and secured by the cryptography. Crypto currency makes a person from poor to rich in some seconds and also oppose it in some seconds .
It is a better investment for only those persons who are too much rich and which have uncountable income sources.
It is not suitable for the middle class families. Crypto currency work using a technology called block chain in which some companies issue their specific currency which is known as tokens for their good and different types of services .

Crypto Currency

Name Of Some Crypto Currency Are

1. Bit coin
2. ICP
3. Shiba INU
4. Yearn finance
5. Dog coin
6. Polygon
7. Ripple
8. Ethereum Etc.


Gold is also comes under the Investment in which the person buy online gold in the form of bonds for a time period and when the price of Gold is increase ,they easily sell the bonds in the market .In this 98%person gain profit only .
2%people comes under lose because of any emergency only.


Result Of Investment

After discussing about all the investment methods we conclude that the Bank and Gold market is the best investment to earn profit .And both the investment are too much safe and secure but if we want more return then we have to turn towards share market.


So friends how is this topic ?  I hope this topic help you more. If you have any kind of doubt or you want more information relating to Income and Investment  topic feel free to drop a message in the comment box. In spite of doubt if you have some suggestion to me regarding this topic then also you can drop a message and I will definitely resolve all your queries and also work on suggestions.

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