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Interview : Hello friends how are you all ? Welcome in our website Friends today we are going to discuss about a very important as well as very interesting topic and that topic is Interview . If you are interested to know about interview or wants to gain more information about interview then stay connect with us till end.

In This We Will Discuss About Following Points-

Friends if you are preparing for job interview or any other interview and wants to grab that particular opportunity by clearing that interview then here are the some tips which helps you to grab that opportunity. By clearing that particular interview you will be eligible for that particular job or opportunity can earn more.


Important Tips That We Have To Keep In Mind Before Preparing For An Interview.

1)Body expression- The first thing that an interviewer notice is the body expression. The saying is correctly true that “First impression the last impression”.
2) Dress code for the interview.
3) How we put our hair in interview.
4) what type of questions are asked in interview whether it is for fresher’s or for an experienced person and many more things related to interview preparation.

What Is Interview ?

First off all we have to know that what is interview. Friends, it takes place between two or more people. When two or more people answer each other’s questions either in front of themselves or without face to face, it is called an interview. In the interview, mostly one person asks questions and another person answers but it is not so, another person cannot question, if the other person has any kind of doubt, then he can question the opposite person.

Number Of Persons In Interview

It is necessary to have at least two people in the interview. Interview cannot be possible without two people. These people may interact face to face to each other or on call as well There is no limit for maximum number of people but most of the interviews do not have more than ten people.


This is the person who takes the interview. This is the same person who mostly asks questions. Interviewer is authorized person who asks questions in interview. He/She has the right to asks any question related to thing mentioned in the curriculum Vitae by the interviewee.


This is the person who answers the question of the interviewer and can also question if there is some doubt. It is not necessary that interviewee must know the answer of each and every question but he/she must have to say something if he/she do not know the answer like they can say sorry I do not have knowledge about this.

Curriculum Vitae Or Bio Data

This the first thing that requires in interview. Basically it is in paper form in which details of a person consists. It contains information regarding family background, educational qualification, email id and contact number of interviewee and in some bio data photo is also there.

Dress Code For Interview

Only knowledge is not necessary for this. Along with knowledge, the dress code also makes a lot of impression. The saying “first impression is last impression” is absolutely true. Whatever you are wearing makes the first impression, your knowledge is judged later. Never go to the interview wearing casual clothes. Best dresses include trouser, shirt, suit, formal skirts, sari etc.

Basic Questions For Fresher’s

1) Tell Me About Your Self

In this, the interviewee has to tell about his/her educational qualification, family background, and other academic and non academic qualification that suits to job profile achievements.

2) Tell Me Your Weakness

In this we (interviewee) have to tell about any such weakness which is positive for our job profile but negative for us. For example, if there is no use of phone in job profile, then we can speak very less knowledge of mobile phone in our weakness.

3) Strength

In this, you have to tell such strength or positive points which are also positive for the job profile and not such positive points which do not match with the job profile

4)Salary Expectation 

In this we can tell as per our expectation but we have to mind that this expectation is not too much or we can say beyond the companies capacity. An experienced person can say 20 to 30 percent high than their previous salary.

5) Educational Qualification

In this we ( interviewee) is required to tell about their academic or educational qualification and academic achievements.

6) Other Questions

Other questions that Interviewer asks in interview is whatever we mention in our curriculum vitae or bio data. Some questions interviewer generally asks related to company profile, growth, strength, and the job profile for which we are applying.

Fresher’s V/S Experienced 

Interviewer generally asks questions from fresher’s whatever they had mentioned in their Curriculum vitae. But this not happened in the case of an experienced person. The interview of an experienced person is differ in some questions as compared to fresher’s interview. In case of an experienced person the following extra questions can be asked by the Interviewer

1) Very first question that Interviewer asked is why you left job from previous company. Here the answer should be such that which gives positive impact to the interviewer. Here negative point about previous company will leave negative impact on interviewer.
2) Second question is learning from previous company.
3) Salary expectations is also here an important question that is asked by Interviewer in interview.
4) Others questions may be about the current company in which we are applying or other things mentioned in curriculum vitae.


So friends how is the information that I provide by the way of this topic. I hop this information will definitely help you to grab the opportunity that is knocking at your door. If you have any kind of doubt relating to this particular topic feel free to drop a message in the comment box. In spite of doubt if you have some suggestion to me regarding this topic then also you can drop a message and I will definitely try to resolve all your queries and also work on suggestions.

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