Matrimonial Site: Hey guys, How are you all? I hope your day are going with enjoyment. May this happiness is always be there in your life. Today I am welcome you all on a very interesting topic. This topic is related to one of the stage of our life. This stage comes in everybody’s life. People are excited for this. I hope many of you have guess the topic. Yes guys the topic is Matrimonial Sites. Our life is very interesting and enjoying for both a male and a female because we play an important role in life at different stages of our age. So friends, If you are still single and want to get married then stay continue reading this article to find a best partner of your happy life.

Stages Of Life

First Stage: Firstly if we are talk about the age of a child .In this age we do not do any work except play ,eat and enjoy the life . This age is totally a tensions and problems free age. In this age we learn only how to speak and listen the language ,a little awareness about our tradition. This is the age of less than 7years.

Second Stage: At this age we step up the life at 2nd stage in which we enjoy , play but also learn some new things like read , teach and learn . In this age we get education from schools and colleges , culture and tradition from our families. At this age some responsibilities are put up on our shoulders which helps us to fight with any situation and problems in the future. This age is a very fast learning age because we are stepping up ourselves for our future needs and enjoyment .This age is till when we are below the age of 20years.

Third stage: This a new stage of our age begins in our life .This age is also called the age of maturity. At this stage of life many new responsibilities are take up by ourselves. Out of which a very special and important part of life is marriage. This is a very unforgettable memory and a very important day of life for a male and female . This is just like a new life for both the members .That day is also special for families because it brings a lot of happiness and enjoyment in their life. A new member is joint with the families of each.

What Does Marriage Actually Means?

Marriage is not just taking “Pheras” with someone. Marriage means the state at which we are ready to take responsibilities. After marriage both person live together with lots of love and connect with true emotions.
It is looks very simple after listening but it is too much hard also because of the population of males and females in India.  In India too much males are unmarried because of the shortage of females .In different states the ratio of male and female are different.


Why Most Of People Remains Unmarried?

If I answer this question in a simple way then the main reason for this question is lots of differences in the ratio of male and female. According to the Economic survey of 2020 the sex ratio of male and female in India is 108.8 males as per 100 females while in 2022 the ratio become 1020 females per 1000 males. Arunachal Pradesh survey recorded that 1,084 females born per 1000 males, while in Nagaland 965 females, Mizoram 964 females, Kerala 963 females. The worst sex ratio was recorded in Manipur 757 females , Lakshadweep (839) females and Daman & Diu (877) females. , Punjab (896) females and Gujarat (896) females as per 1000 males.

Delhi Male And Female Ratio

If we talk about Delhi capital the ratio recorded in 2020 was 933 female per 1000 males and in Haryana 979 female per 1000 males which is under the nation average value. One more reason behind the single is Caste differences . A mass of families always prefer to marry in the same religion, same caste and in same state. But now this situation is Little in progress because of the technology and expansion in the thinking of parents. Technology connect the one person to another person in different states and countries also.

Ways To Find a Bride And Groom

If you are still single and looking for a boy or girl then a way is still remains for this. Yes guys the way is Matrimonial sites. Many of the new matrimonial websites has been launched and some more is going on. Firstly the meaning of matrimonial is related to the marriage . Now in the newspaper also a special page is involved for matrimonial personalities. The websites and newspapers follow the same Pattern for ourselves. But now the websites is a better option because of lot of much choice as per our standards. These websites helps to find a perfect life partner for both the male and the female.

Name Of Some Matrimonial Website, Bharat, Happy Wedding,,, Foot loose no more , community etc.


How Matrimonial Websites Work?

First of all enter any website name in the device. Then a registration form is offered by the website online. Fill the form and login into the website. Then enter your name , father name , personal details like caste, religion, sex, qualification ,age , profession , Mobile number and all family details as per the profile and then press enter. Now a profile has been created by the website and updated on the website page. Now you can match their profile with the all the profiles of other personalities and if you are satisfy then contact with them through given details. These websites work as an mediator between both the families and take some amount of commission for the facilities of matching.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Matrimonial Sites

A big advantage of these website is that we can match our profile within few hours or may be minutes only.
While a disadvantage is that sometimes the profile of another person may be fake but this chances is too much less that profiles are fake on the website. Now these websites also help in arrangement of parties , functions and complete tender of marriage celebration.

Newspaper Matrimonial

If we talk about newspaper Matrimonial then we have to give all the details and profile to the newspaper channel and a few charges to print the advertisement in the newspaper. The newspaper do not play the role of mediator between the matrimonial. Both the matrimonial can directly contact with each other by the given details.


I hope friends this topic help you to find best life partner. Still if you have any kind of query or suggestion regarding Matrimonial Sites then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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