Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Hello friends how are you all ? I wish you all are good and stay safe at your home. Today we are going to discuss about use of Microsoft Excel. In today’s world the use of excel is increasing day by day. In each and every organization, schools and in day to day life its use increases. By seeing the highly demanded use of excel on daily basis we thought to discuss on this topic. So I  am Sadhana welcoming in our website

What Is Microsoft Excel?

Excel is developed by Microsoft. It is a spread sheet. Excel is used to store data in companies , schools and in homes as well. It is an application which is launched in 1985 by Microsoft corporation. It is a very popular spread sheet which contains rows and columns. In Excel we can perform mathematical functions as well. Microsoft excel is a very fast using and popular peace of spread sheet software. Many businesses and schools have choose it because of its reputation and beneficial features. Microsoft excel Offer lots of advantage to their customers and that is why it’s use increases.

History Of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel is introduced in1985 , basically a spread sheet that used a graphical interface. Its first window launched in 1987. In 1993 Microsoft Made visual basic for applications to Excel to give users automation functionality; and Microsoft released Excel 2007 in the year 2006 which according to Computer World, included the biggest change Microsoft has ever made to the application’s appearance.

Use Of Microsoft Excel In Organization’s

Use of excel is highly demanded in companies or organizations. In organization excel is used to maintain payroll of employees, attendance, presentation of data. In payroll calculation excel plays very high role. We just have to put some formulas and whole calculation is automatically done. The lots time which waists in calculating salaries of employees now can be done in few seconds by the use of formulas in excel.

Use Of Microsoft Excel In School And College

In school and college excel is used to maintain attendance of students and teachers and it is also used to calculate salary of employees. Excel is used to maintain daily expenses. Excel is an easiest way to maintain all these kind of data. We just have to make entries and have to put some formulas and other calculation is done automatically.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft Excel

There are lots of benefits of using Excel some important benefits are as follows-

1) Formula And Calculation

This is the biggest benefit of using Excel. In today’s world people gets away from calculations but without calculation we cannot survive. Even in day to day use we do calculation. By using Excel these calculations can be done in second. With the help of excel calculations that requires lots of effort can be done easily.

2) Helps In Finding Errors

When we did calculation in Excel sheets by using formula and there is some mistake in that Formula then in that excel have features and it gives indication about that error. So we are not required to search where is the error it automatically comes through highlights.

3) Problems With Statistical Analysis

Users who requires to perform complex scientific calculations or statistical analysis should avoid Excel at all costs. In a report published by Eva Goldwater at the University of Massachusetts entitled, “Using Excel for Statistical Data Analysis – Caveats” concludes that Excel is not a good program for analyzing data.

Disadvantages Of Using Microsoft Excel.

1) Time Taking

In Excel we have to enter data manually which takes lots of time especially you have lots of data to enter. The precious time that it takes in entering data can be used in other core activities.

2)Educated People Can Only Use

A normal uneducated people is not able to work in Excel properly. For working in better ways in Excel must required that the person is educated.

3) Threat To Eyesight

Working on excel is only possible by the use of computer and as we all know that continuous use of computer effects our eye negatively.

4) Require Computer Setup or Laptop

For working in excel a proper setup of desktop computer or laptop is required. Without these working in excel is not possible.


The buying cost of laptop or desktop computer is too high and in case of desktop computer installation cost is also there. So we can say that it is very expensive to work in excel.

Row And Column In Microsoft Excel

The vertical boxes in Excel sheet are called column and on the other hand the horizontal boxes in the excel sheet are called columns. There are unlimited number of rows and columns in Excel sheets with normal height and width but we can adjust it’s height and width as per our requirement.

Row and Column

Adding New Tab In Excel.

We can add new tab in excel if we have use of multiple tab in one excel sheet. The new tab that we add in existing sheet is also called worksheet. New worksheet is basically use to keep your data separate and it also helpful in taking reference while using formulas in excel.

Adding Tab

How To Adjust Height And Width Of Rows And Columns In Excel Sheet

Step 1. First of all enter the data that you want to enter in any row or column

Step 2. Select that particular row and columns in which data is entered.

Step 3. Go to Home tab

Step 4. In Home tab there is cell group. In cell group click on format.

Step 5. In format there is row or column width option click on that.

Step 6. In the column width option type the width that you want.

Step 7. Click on ok then your size will reflect on that particular row or column on which you are applying it.


I hope this  information will definitely help you as well as your friends, colleagues, and family members. This will help you to grab the opportunities in your life. If you have any kind of doubt or you want more information relating to Microsoft Excel  topic feel free to drop a message in the comment box. In spite of doubt if you have some suggestion to me regarding this topic then also you can drop a message and I will definitely resolve all your queries and also work on suggestions.

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