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Hello friends, First of all how are you guys? Today I am here to discuss with you on a computer related topic and that topic is Microsoft Word. Today is a world of competition and everybody wants to be on top from others. Having knowledge of Microsoft Word can helps to become top most among others. So guy’s stay connected to our website to learn more about Microsoft Word.

What Is Microsoft Word ?

It is developed by Microsoft. Firstly it comes into existence on 25 October, 1983 with the name Multi – Tool Word for Xenix systems. It is a word processing software. Microsoft Word is used to write formal and informal letter, to write story, to make bio data. It is also used to make assignments. As we all know that due to COVID all types of studies including assignment is submitted online. Before submission these assignments are made on Microsoft Word then it is converted into PDF and after that it is submitted. Not only assignment but field work files are also prepared using it.

Other Names Of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word is also famous with the name MS Word, WinWord. Initially it comes with the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems.

Tabs In Microsoft Word.

It have lots of tab and all have different – different uses. Every tab also have their own group. Name of its tabs are as follows-
1) Home tab,
2) Insert tab,
3) Page layout tab,
4) References tab,
5) Mailing tab,
6) Review tab and
7) View tab.

Microsoft Word Tabs

Home Tab

It is a default tab. It not only found in Microsoft word but also in Microsoft Excel, Note pad, PowerPoint, Corel draw page maker etc. We will discuss about these topics in another article also. Home tab have its own group which comprises Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles and Editing etc. All these have different uses. helps you change document settings like font size, adding bullets, adjusting styles and many other common features. These tabs in home tab helps in changing document settings like font size, adding bullets, adjusting styles and other more. This also help to return to the home page of the document.

Insert Tab

We can say it is the second tab in MS-word. As its name already indicate that it is used to insert extra features in currently using document. Mostly it is used to insert or take tables, pictures, clip art, shapes, page number, etc. in the document. This tab group include Pages, Tables, Illustrations, Links, Header & Footer, Text and Symbols.

Page Layout Tab

This is third tab in Microsoft word. By using this tab we can change the page size, margins, line spacing, indentation, documentation orientation, etc. It have five groups which are Themes, Page Setup, Page Background, Paragraph and Arrange.

References Tab

References tab is fourth tab in MS-word. It allows to insert citations, bibliography commands, etc. in the document. This References tab has six sub groups which are of Table of Contents, Footnotes, Citations & Bibliography, Captions, Index and Table of Authorities.

MailingsĀ Tab

This comes on fifth position in tabs in MS-word. It allow users to merge emails, write and insert different fields, preview results and also convert a file into a PDF format. The Mailings tab consist five sub groups which are Create, Start Mail Merge, Write & Insert Fields, Preview Results and Finish.

Review Tab

It is second last or we can say sixth tab in Microsoft word. This tab is used for modification in the existing document. It helps to add or remove comments, track changes, etc. It has six groups and these are Proofing, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare and Protect.

View Tab

It is the last tab in MS-word. This tab help to switch between Single Page and Two Page views. It also give access to control rulers. Its main purpose to give different ways to view document. The View tab has five groups which are Document Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Window and Macros.

Advantages Of Microsoft Word

1) Spell Check

If we type a word with wrong spelling then it get underline that word and by right-click on that word we can choose the correct spelling.

2) Print – Ready Preview

If we want to take print of a particular document then there is option and we can check the document that how it looks in hard copy format.

3) Fast Search And Replace

If we want to search any word in the document then by pressing short cut key Ctrl+F we can easily find that word. We can also replace any word with some other word in the document.

4) Quick Access Bar

We also have option to add or remove items from the quick access toolbar. We can bold, make italic, change font type, change font size by using it.

5) Add Visual Elements

We can add clip art, charts, images in our document and by this document will become visually attractive.

6) Convert To PDF

After completing the document we can convert the document to pdf file. This is a very handy and useful feature of MS Word.

7) Popup Toolbar

When we select any word then the popup toolbar will show up. We can do various tasks in it, for example, aligning text, bold, change the size of the font etc.

8) Mail Merge

If we have data in excel and we want to collaborate that data in the word document then it is possible in MS-word. For example, we write a letter and want to sent it to 100 people then add those 100 people in excel. After that connect the excel to a single word document. It will create 100 various documents by inserting the data from excel.

9) Mobile App

MS Word support mobile app as well. If We are an Android or Windows phone user then we can use MS Word in mobile.

Disadvantages Of Microsoft Word

1) Complexity:

For newcomer it is difficult to understand the features of MS Word. There are hundreds of options and very less are used so others create confusion in the document.

2) Plagiarism:

There is no restriction on copy and paste of text in the document . Therefore chance of creating duplicated content is too high in it.

3) Costly:

To buy MS Word is not an easy task. It is very costly. It requires lots of money and also knowledge about which version is highly demanded.

4)Not Available For Mac Users:

MS Word is not available for Mac users this can be used by Windows users only.


Friends I hope Microsoft office will help you all in your daily life. If you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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