MONEY HEIST: Hello friends, How are you all? Today I am welcome you all in our website on a crime drama series i.e. Money Heist. Money Heist is a mind blowing Spanish heist crime drama series which is created by Álex Pina. The series traces two long-prepared heists which is led by the Professor (who’s actual name is Álvaro Morte). A mysterious man known as the “Professor” recruits a group consisting of eight people. They all made an ambitious plan that involves entering the Royal Mint of Spain, and escaping with €984 million. The team hostage 67 people inside the Mint. They plans to remain inside for 11 days to print the money as they had deal with elite police forces. So friends, stay connect to this website to learn more about it.

Money Heist Origin And Episodes

Country of origin- Spain
Original language- Spanish
No. of seasons- 3 (5 parts)
Total No. of episodes-41


The series received many awards which includes the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series at the 46th International Emmy Awards, and also critical acclaim for its sophisticated plot, interpersonal dramas, direction, and for trying to innovate Spanish television. The song “Bella ciao”, which plays multiple times throughout the series, became a summer hit in the entire Europe in 2018. By 2018, this series becomes the most watched non-English-language series and not only this but it becomes the most-watched series overall on Netflix.


Characters In Money Heist

There are many characters in Money Heist. Some of famous characters are as follows-

1) Ursula Corberó As Silene Oliveira (Tokyo)

Tokyo is a runaway turned robber, scouted by the Professor after that join his group and take part in his plans. She acts as an unreliable narrator in the story.

2) Alvaro Morte As Sergio Marquina (The Professor)

He is the mastermind of the heist who assembled the group in the movie.

3) Itziar Ituno As Raquel Murillo (Lisbon)

Lisbon is inspector of the National Police Corps and also in charge of the case.

4) Pedro Alonso As Andres De Fonollosa (Berlin)

He is older brother of professor and also a terminally ill jewel thief.

5) Paco Tous As Agustin Ramos (Moscow)

He is a former miner turned criminal and Denver’s father.

6) Alba Flores As Agata Jimenez (Nairobi)

Nairobi expert in counterfeiting and forgery and also in charge of printing the money and oversaw the melting of gold. This is the only person of color in the entire show.


7) Miguel Herran As Anibal Cortes (Rio)

Initially he is a hacker but later on become Tokyo’s boyfriend.

8) Esther Acebo As Monica Gaztambide (Stockholm)

One of the hostages in the Mint who is Arturo Roman’s secretary and mistress, carrying his child out of wedlock. At the time of the robbery, she falls in love with Denver and becomes an accomplice to the group

9) Enrique Arce As Arturo Roman

Roman is a former Director of the Royal Mint of Spain.

10) Maria Pedraza As Alison Parker

She is daughter of the British ambassador and also a hostage in the Mint.

11)Belen Cuesta As Julia Martinez

She is godchild of Moscow and Denver’s childhood friend. We can say that she is a trans woman who joins the gang and poses as one of the hostages during the robbery of the Bank of Spain.

12) Fernando Cayo As Colonel Luis Tamayo

Tamayo is a member of the Spanish Intelligence who oversees Alicia’s work on the case.

13) Rodrigo de la Serna As Martin Berrote

Martin is an old Argentine friend of Berlin who planned the robbery of the Bank of Spain with him and also assumed his place as commanding officer.

14) Najwa Nimri As Alicia Sierra

Alicia is a pregnant inspector of the National Police Corps. She is put as in charge of the case after Raquel departed from the force.

Story Of Money Heist

The story completed in 3 seasons which are as-

Season 1: Parts 1 and 2 (2017)

Part 1 begins with the a failed bank robbery by a woman using the alias “Tokyo” as a man called the “Professor” saves her the police. He proposes to include her in a heist of massive proportions. After a brief outline of the plan, the story jumps to the beginning of a multi-day assault on the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. The eight robbers are code-named for cities: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. The Dress code is red jumpsuits and masks depicting artist Salvador Dali, the robbers take 67 hostages as part of their plan to print and escape with €2.4 billion through a self-built escape tunnel. The Professor always lead the heist from an external location. Flashbacks in the entire series show the five months of preparation at an abandoned hunting estate in the Toledo countryside. The robbers are not allowed to share personal information nor engage in personal relationships, and are warned that there will be casualties.

Oslo, Moscow And Berlin Murder

Throughout parts 1 and 2, the robbers inside the Mint have difficulties sticking to their roles and face uncooperative hostages, violence, isolation, and mutiny. Tokyo narrates events with the help of voice-overs. While Denver pursues a love affair with hostage Monica Gaztambide. The inspector Raquel Murillo of the National Police Corps negotiates with the Professor on the outside and begins an intimate relationship with his alter ego “Salva.” The Professor’s identity is repeatedly close as uncovered and Raquel eventually realizes Salva is the Professor, but she is emotionally not able to hand him to the police. At the end of part 2 or we can say after 128 hours, the robbers escape from the Mint with €984 million, but unfortunately Oslo, Moscow and Berlin are killed. After One year of the heist, Raquel finds a series of postcards left by the Professor in which the coordinates for a location in Palawan in the Philippines is written.

Season 2:

Part 3 begins after two to three years when heist on the Royal Mint of Spain, showing that the robbers enjoying their lives paired-up in diverse locations. When Europol captures Rio with an intercepted phone then the Professor picks up Berlin’s old plans to assault the Bank of Spain to force Europol to lead Rio to prevent his torture. He and Raquel (going by “Lisbon”) get the gang, including Monica (going by “Stockholm”), back together, and enlist three new members: Palermo, Bogotá and Marseille, with Palermo in charge. Now the Professor and Lisbon travel in an RV and then an ambulance while communicating with the robbers and the police. The robbers thwart a police breach of the bank and start forcing the police to leave Rio. Nairobi is injured in between this.

Money Heist part 3

Season 3: Part 5 Volumes 1 and 2

Part 5 Volume 1 starts with Sierra searching the Professor and knocking him out. The gang prepares for attack by troops of the Spanish army when Lisbon enters the bank. The gang captures Gandia but frees him and not killed him. Gandia wants exact revenge from gang and in this Tamayo has him. Now Benjamin and Marseille find the Professor. When Sierra struggles to deliver her baby then she frees the Professor, Marseille, and Benjamin so they can help. Sierra gives birth to a baby daughter who’s name is Victoria. Arturo Roman who is a hostage in both the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain had affair with Stockholm before the first heist, and Arturo’s reminders anger Denver. When Arturo (governor of the bank) and other hostages start a rebellion, Stockholm shoots Arturo so that he can receive medical care. In a flashback, Berlin convinced his son Rafael to help him to steal 12 kg of gold with Tatiana, Bogota, and Marseille.

part 5


What Unique And Ultimately Most Inspiring About Money Heist

If we talk about uniqueness and inspiring thing then it is its revolutionary impact on real-world protests. In the series the citizens line the streets around the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain, chanting their support for the robbers and booing the state’s violent policing tactics. If we see in real life the protesters in countries like Lebanon, Iraq, France, and others have borrowed motifs from the show in their struggle for liberation, police abolition, anti-authoritarianism, and anti-capitalism.

Ending Of Money Heist

The last five episodes which make its part 2 or second volume, did not complicate the story, rather summed up the plot. Tokyo’s death was a trigger point for the gang, but they soon get business of getting the gold out of the Bank of Spain. When the show is nearest to end, we saw The Professor walking inside the bank and nothing in hand not even gold or a back-up plan. But The Professor sans a Plan B will go against the core theme of the heist drama. He has a plan, and this time the plan is beyond any fan theory or expected plot.


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