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Hello friends hope you all are well. As we all know that day by day COVID-19 is increasing and taking different ways to harm our life. Today I am sadhana welcoming you all with a very useful topic in this pandemic situation on our website Today’s discussion topic is online shopping. In this pandemic situation everybody wants to avoid from going to market but due to day to day necessities they have to visit market. Visiting market in this situation is like playing with our Life. I am here to solve all your these kind of Problems so stay safe at your home and stay connected with our website

What Is Online Shopping ?

Online shopping means shopping by sitting at home or office. It means in this type of shopping you are not require to visit market and no need to put your Life in dangerous situation. It means shopping electronically. In this consumer can buy good or service directly from the seller. In this type of shopping payment is also made electronically. Now a days online shopping become habit of people that is why people are trying of do shopping online specially COVID type of pandemic situation.

Online Shopping

How Online Shopping Work’s?

There are lots of sellers who made up their apps or website for this purpose. They put their products on their sites with price, quality, quality, colour, size. They make categories like kids category, men category, women category, winter collection, summer collection, kitchen items, beauty products etc. to make shopping easier. For buying these things you just require select product with colour and size. After that delivery agent will deliver that product at the address provided by you. Payment for product purchased can be easily Made at the times of ordering that product or at the time of delivery.

Online shopping apps or sites.

1) Amazon
2) Flip kart
3) Magic pin
4) Reliance Mart
5) Bachat bazaar
6) My Mart
7) Swingy for eatable or non- durable goods
8) Zomato for eatable or non- durable goods

These are the most widely using app’s or site for shopping purpose. For doing online shopping first of all we need to download any of above mentioned app in your mobile. You can download these apps directly from Play Store. After downloading you need to login these app by using mobile number and Gmail id.
Some of these apps are sources of earning money also. Like we can earn money from Amazon app. This app sometimes start quiz week. By participating in these quiz you can will prizes and reward points and Money also. Similarly magic pin is also the. Source of income. I will separately provide information about these apps in my next articles.

Things Required For Online Shopping

In this mode of shopping you do not have to follow hard and fast rules. You just need phone or laptop or desktop and internet connection or Wi-Fi. For shopping in online mode internet in your phone recharge is also sufficient. It means that the internet date that we all use in daily basis is also sufficient for Online Shopping.


Benefits Of Online Shopping

1)No Pressure

In offline shopping the seller generally put pressure on us the buy the product but this pressure is not there in this mode of shopping.

2) Time Saving

In this  no need to go to the shop to buy the product or goods. We can shop by sitting at home or office which saves time.

3) Comparison

In electronic mode wide of products with wide variety is available which helps in comparing one product with other products. This helps in buying better product with less price. This facility no not available in offline shopping. In offline shopping we have less choices.

4) Online Tracking

Not only we can buy products easily in electronic mode but also track those products that at this time where my product reached and at what date and time it will reach to you.

4) Availability

It can be done at any time any day. A tag is given to online shopping is 24*7. This means we can buy any day of week and at any time.

5)Save money

The extra money that go to mediators in offline shopping is not goes in electronic mode which reduces price of products. In this way online shopping saves money. In this you buy products directly from the producer or whole seller.

Group Shopping

Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

Though it offers lots of benefits but it has some disadvantages also. These are as follows-

1) Delay In Delivery

Sometimes product will not come in expected delivery period. Customer will wait for a very long time to receive their products while in case of offline shopping the moment you pay money for product you get product at the same time.

2)Problem With Product

Sometimes product that you ordered will not come in same quality or if same quality comes then it contains some defect. This the second biggest problem in online shopping. Sue to this problem people get bad experience from online shopping therefore they moves to offline shopping.

3)Complicated Return

Though shopping in online mode offers return policy but this takes very long time.
Many time you will not receive refund. To return a product you will need to buy another product.

4)Lack Of Personal Touch With Item

This the another drawback in online shopping. In this you cannot touch product. It can only be possible when product get delivered.

5) Risk Of Fraud

It is most common risk in this type of shopping. In electronic mode we make payment through UPI, debit card, credit card. Hacker can hack information in online shopping.


So friends how the information provided by this topic? Hope this information will help you while dealing product and services online. These points will help you to safe yourself from any fraud in online shopping. My main motive for discussion on this topic is to help you in electronic mode of  shopping and to tell you what precaution we need to do while dealing with goods and services online. If you have any kind of doubt  relating to this  topic feel free to drop a message in the comment box. In spite of doubt if you have some suggestion to me regarding this topic then also you can drop a message and I will definitely resolve all your queries and also work on suggestions.

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