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Hello friends, Today I am here to welcome you all in our website nai-khoj.com . Here we are going to discuss one day picnic spot place Surajgarh farmhouse Gurugram. Today’s topic is Surajgarh farmhouse which is in Gurgaon. If you want to spend time with your family or your friends or with your loved one and don’t want to cover long distance then Surajgarh farmhouse is a great place. People of every age group comes here. It is spread over a long distance. Sun kissed lush green lands which is spread over 12 acres and are waiting to welcome you with Joy. It gives you touch to our living style of old time. Here you enjoy lots of rides which make your day Full of fun.


Looks Like A Heaven: If you are getting bored by working all day and all hours and looking some time to you and for family then take a visit to farmhouse. In night when sun gets sets in west this place can’t be compared with heaven. It looks like heaven is in front of your eyes and giving a voice to go there. It’s lighting decoration looks like a Star is blinking in the sky. If you are not a selfie lover then also it’s Beauty automatically force you to take a selfie. If you get tired still you will not stop yourself by taking rides because these are so amazing and adventurous. So guys if you want more information about Surajgarh farmhouse then stay reading our article to know more about it.

Ticket Charges Of Surajgarh Farmhouse Gurugram

The entry ticket for this farmhouse is differ as per the age group. Fee for ticket as per age is as follows-
1) For child below 4 feet- Rs. 599
2) Adult- Rs. 1199
3) Sr. Citizen( Above 60 years)- Rs.999
4) Couple- Rs. 2299

Opening Time And Days

This farmhouse open for all days in a week from 9 AM to 5. This is also good for everyone. Most of the people face this problem that on weekends many of visiting places remains closed. The people whose weekend is on other days except Sunday also face these kind of Problems. So guys enjoy your weekend which falls any day of a weak.

Welcome Style

When we enter in the main gate of Surajgarh farmhouse Gurugram a man and a women in Rajasthani dress welcome us by giving “TIKA” in our forehead and the sound of “Dhol” will give you a different kind of attraction. We can say it is the welcome style of this farmhouse. This style always attract people to visit again. People not want to visit in same place again if their welcome is not good though place is too attractive.

About Surajgarh Farmhouse

As I had already told that is is situated in sector 59 Gurugram, haryana. It is near the City of New Delhi. Farm looks like the fusion of two states Haryana and Rajasthan which shows the touch of their life style. It is a good place with lots of activities. This place has lots of activities for your children as well. If we want to take a look of village life then this is a best choice. This main motive of this farmhouse is to prevent and promote in the era of rapid globalization or urbanization.

Swimming pool

Surajgarh Farmhouse is spread over a very long area which gives much space to each and every activity. These activities includes – Pottery, Magic Show, Puppet Show, Gaming area, DJ, Swimming pool, Mud bath etc. There is also a riding zone, which includes the camel ride, bullock cart ride, tractor ride and horse ride. For over excited kids this farm have multiple rope exercises cum activities, zip lining and much other rides. A separate place is made for DZ dance in a very long space. At this place lots of lighting are there which give it a look like a club.

Facilities: In this farm there is a small zoo with pet animals and birds. In this there are roosters, pigeon, goats and parrots. The facilities of farmhouse include positioned Indian cot and bamboo chairs at many places for the people who wants to take some rest. There is also creative seating made of tyres and they are super comfortable. In farmhouse the caretaker has also created shades in between path so that no one will have to suffer in the summer. The greenery of this park is really good and well maintained by the workers of the farmhouse.

Food Facility

At Surajgarh farmhouse is not only a fun place here food facility is also available. This place provide proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner facility. Here food are like proper meal and not like fast food but it does not mean here fast food facility is not available. The food provided here is very much tasty and totally balanced with spices.

Food at Surajgarh Farmhouse

Rides Availability At Surajgarh Farmhouse

1) Camel Ride

In Surajgarh Farmhouse Camel Ride is there. If we want to take the touch of Rajasthan Camel Ride then it is a good place to visit. A trained person will always with you. You do no get feared that you will slip from camel. A proper balance is maintained by the trained person before the riding starts.

Camel ride

2) Bullock Cart Ride

It is a famous ride of Tamil Nadu. This ride give you the proper look of village. In ancient time the farmers use Bullock to prepare their farm to do agriculture. We can say grow of seeds in farms can only be done if these Bullock complete the farm properly. Not only agriculture depends on it but in 90th century the groom went to their “Sasural” the next day after marriage.

3) Tractor Ride

Tractor always attract people of every age groups. Tractor are mostly found in villages. At Surajgarh farmhouse tractor trolley ride give a different kind of experience to visitors.

4) Horse Ride

Horse ride is famous for royal lifestyle. If we go seventy to eighty years back then every king and rich person have their own Horse which shows their power. At today’s if you want to take a feel like a king then it is a good place.

Parking Facility

In this farm parking facility is also available. If you are going by your own vehicle then you don’t have to take care of your vehicle. There is parking facility in a very vast area. If you go in the parking areas you will found that there are lots of cars and bikes in the line.


Guys after reading this article I am sure you are definitely thinking about taking a visit once in your life to Surajgarh Farmhouse. It’s ritual touch, welcome style, decoration always attract people. So guys if you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding to this article then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions. It is not necessary that you drop message in comment box only in case of query and suggestion. You can drop message regarding your personal experience about this farmhouse after reading it.

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