POLLUTION: Hey guys, How are you all? Hope you are doing well. Today I am here to welcomes you all on a very important topic and that topic is Pollution. We all know that due to modernization the air or the environment in which we are living are totally changed. Earlier we are able to take breath properly but now the situation totally changed now air is not good to take breath. People are facing problem in breathing due to modernization. Due to modernization natural things get lost and this problem is spreading their legs in the entire country. So friends stay reading to this site to learn more about pollution.

What Is Pollution?

It is known as the introduction of dangerous materials into the fresh environment. These dangerous materials are called pollutants. Though the reason for problem are both Human and nature but it generally means due to the sources created by human activities. It is not a serious problem if there is enough space available for every people or groups to take proper breath. Due to establishment of lots of factories, deforestation, soil erosion and lost of natural things now the pollution became a very big problem.

Types Of Pollution

It is of different kind. It may be smog in our city or the trash covering our beach. The major types of of this problem are as follows-

1) Air Pollution

In India, presently air is too much dangerous. We are not able to breathe properly. The question here why it is so? The answer for this is Pollution. It happens when noxious gases and chemicals mixed in the air at a very large scale. Every year government takes lots of steps to reduce this problem (like odd-even rule, stop on construction works and any other work which can become cause to this type of problem) but after some times the thing will again go in the same manner.

Air Pollution

2) Water Pollution

We cannot survive without water. The chemicals of factories are directly going into the ocean and lakes. This is a biggest reason for water pollution. This not only affect fish and other marine life in river and Ocean but when these pollutants get into the water, they give devastating effect on the water cycle.

3) Land Pollution

It is also a major type of pollution which affects human life directly. The Maine reason for Land pollution is that soil gets contaminated because of more use of fertilizers or chemicals in land by human beings. This pollution goes to the ground water when we give water to our plants.


4) Noise Pollution

Noise pollution occurs due to loud noise that hurt the ears of human. It is of various types which includes explosions, jet engines, and even concerts also. Noise pollution is dangerous because due to this there is hearing loss.

Causes Of Air Pollution

This is a most common type. due to this every year we face lots of problems. There are lots of reasons or causes for air pollution. Major causes are as follows-

1. The Burning Of Fossil Fuels

Air pollution takes place due to the burning of fuels such as coal, oil, gasoline and this burning is done to produce energy for electricity or transportation. Due to this burning a high level of carbon monoxide occurs which indicates how much fuel is burned.

2. Industrial Emission

Industrial activities cause several pollutants in the air and these pollutants affects the air quality more than we can imagine. Particulate matter 2.5 and 10, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide are major pollutants from industries.

3. Transportation

Vehicles are the major contributor in air pollution. Whenever the car burns gasoline, it produce pollutants in the air and these pollutants are harmful like smoking 10 cigarettes a day. When the air pollution is high in the atmosphere, it creates a hole in the ozone layer.

4. Open Burning Of Garbage Waste

Open burning of waste is more harmful to our health and the environment. In Delhi people generate 9500 tons of waste every day due to this India comes on second number in waste dumping city.



Friends, how is the information provided by this article. I hope this will help you lots to know the causes and types of this problem. If we know the causes of a particular problem then definitely we can find solution also that is why I had mentioned the major causes. So guys if you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding to Pollution topic then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions. It is not necessary that you drop message in comment box only in case of query and suggestion. You can drop message regarding your personal experience about any type of Pollution. May your experience give some ideas to me.

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