RRR MOVIE: Hello guys, How are you all? I hope you all are doing well. In Today’s  busy lifestyle we do not have time for fun and entertainment. Even we do not have time for a trip or a picnic with families. Now a days every people spend their time by using mobile phones. In this busy schedule if you have a little time to spend with family then I specially recommend to watch the movie in cinema Hall because now a days Rise Roar Revolt movie is in trend. Today I am welcome you all on the entire story of this move. So guys continue reading this article till end to know more about RRR movie.

What Is Movie?

Basically a movie is a script or story in which the drama ,action and fun is there. This script is converted into visuals of audio and videos by performing the action of different characters. In any movie mainly two characters are important a Hero and a Villain.

Latest Movie

If we are talk about the latest movie – A new movie RRR( Rise Roar Revolt ) is released in now a days .It is a South Indian movie .Generally south movies are full of action and drama. But this movie script is based on history and action only. The photography and shoot of movie start in Hyderabad in November 2018. This movie is between the British ruler and the Indians. In this movie a description of about a Indian tribal Gondas is mentioned. The Gondas live in the forests. It is the movie of two revolutionaries against the British Government but the thinking of both the revolutionaries is totally different. It is a Indian Telugu language movie.

Release date of RRR movie – 25 March 2022. This movie breaks the records of Bollywood movie ‘Bahubali ‘.

Details Of RRR Movie Programmers

1)The script of the movie is directed by S.S RAMAJOULI. He is an Indian script writer and film director of Telugu films.
2)The producer of the movie D.V.V Danayya.
3)The editor of the movie is A Sreekar Prasad .
4)Dialogues of movie is written by Sai Madhav Burra .
5)The story writer of the movie is by K.V Vijendra Prasad.
6) Production companies are DDV entertainment.

Time, Budget & Collection Of RRR Movie

Running time of movie is 182 minutes total. The budget of the movie is 550 crores while in the first day the earning of the movie is near 250 crores which is a new first record in film industry.

Characters Of RRR Movie

These are some main character and casts of the movie –


1) N.T. Rama Rao plays a role with the name of Bheem. He is a tribal of Gondos and act as a revolutionary against British Government.
2) Rama Charan characterized itself with a name of Rama Raju. He is a IPS officer under British Government but in real he is a revolutionary .
3) Alia Bhatt act as a name of Sita and she is a wife of Rama Raju .
4) Ajay Devgan plays a role of soldier in British police but after some time it is a revolutionary. He is the father of Rama Raju .
5) Shriya saran Bhatnagar act as a mother of Ram Raju
6) Raymond Stevenson act as the name of Scott who is the king of British ruler in India
7) Alison Doddy act as a queen of Scott.
8) Olivia Morrish as a name of Jenny and she is daughter of Scott.

Introduction Of N.T. Rama Rao

This famous celebrity is known by word NTR. He works as an actor and a singer in Tamil movies. Rao start his carrier in film industry and won two south film fare awards , two state Nandu awards and four cinema awards. He performed in many films as a actor ,in which some of name are Jai luv kush, Janta Garage,Temper and Veera Raghava .

Introduction Of Ram Charan

His full name is Konidela Ram Charan Teja. He is also the one of the famous Telugu movie actor. Ram Charan is one of the highest paid actor in cinema. He enters in film industry and got success on released the movie”Chiturtha” and won three filmfare awards and two state Nandi awards.

Story Of  RRR Movie

The movie starts from where the Scott and his wife come to jungle for hunting the animals. The queen has fond of temporary Tattoo. She was spending her time with Gondos at that time. A girl whose name Malli of Gondos family making a tattoo on her hand and singing a very beautiful cultural song .The queen liked the Tattoo and ordered to the Adverser to buy that girl .The Adverser drop two coins in the ground. Malli ‘s family thought that the queen awarded them but when they hold and sit the Malli in her car. Then her family understood that the queen bought her daughter Malli. Malli mother run behind the car and suddenly he catch the car and requested to the queen to leave her daughter .
But the king ordered his soldier to kill her mother .The soldier pick out the pistol and target on the Malli’s mother head. Then king come outside and says some lines to the soldier. He says that “1Bullet ki kimat sabhi bhartiyon ki jaan se bhi bhot jyada hai isliye unhe maarne ke liye koi dusre tarika use kro”. Then the soldier target the Malli ‘s mother with a cart of wood and took the Malli with itself.

Entry Of Rama Raju

A large crowd is surrounded around the police station because British police has arrested the Lala Lajpa Rai in Kolkata .That crowd is totally so humble and a person throw a stone which have hit on the picture of the Scott. The British police ordered the officers to arrest that person but nobody have the guts .Then Rama Raju hold a log of wood and attack on the crowd. He fights a lot with the crowd and arrested that person. After seen her bravery the senior officer was totally surprised. But after that Rama Raju was so angry because of a post is awarded to other three British officers and none to them. Nawab send an advisor to the Scott’s Mahal to understand him. He met to the adverser and tried to understand him to leave back the Malli. He also understood a story of herd of sheeps and a herdsman. But the adverser denied that. Then the advisor alert him that a special man comes in Delhi to make the soil of his Mahal. A net is laid to trap the lion ,The Bheema first fight with a leopard and then with a tiger. Thus it trap the many different animals to fight with the British so that he can relieve the Malli from the Britishers. He came to Delhi with a nickname Akram. He was beaten by a Britisher for blaiming him on bike repairing fault . A meeting is attending by the Britishers to caught that criminal .Then Ramaraju appoint for it . He also offered that if he caught him then he will be the senior officer of the kote from where the supply weapons occur . He strike to a man who want to kill the Scott’s but the man was run away because of a salute by a soldier to rama Raju. Then he met to his friend Bheem on a railway trolley accident on the breeze . Bheema tries to much to enter in the Mahal but it is not possible for him .Then he saw a soft hearted princess Jenny and want to talk him .one day he was with Rama Raju and again watching the Jenny then Rama Raju helped him to make both of them friends and Bheema took the Jenny in the market and make a bangle with hands to offer the Malli that bangles.

3 R

On other side Ramaraju tried to search to that man. Next day Jenny invite the Bheema for the annual part celebration. Bheema and Rama Raju went to party and enjoy the part by defeat the Britishers in Nach dance . Then Jenny took the Bheema for a coffee in the Mahal and told him all about the Mahal designs . Then Bheema listen the voice of Mallli and tried to search the Malli in Mahal. He met to Malli and understand him to take back the Malli at home after sometime but Malli was crying to meet her mother. One day the Rama Raju succeed to caught the man and beat him and torched him so much but the man nothing told him. Then that man attack on the Rama Raju with a snake. Snake bites the rama and the man runs away . Rama reached to the Bheema any how , bheema give treatment to him but the same day Bheema complete his aim to relieve the Malli from Britishers. He told everything to the rama and then go alone to relieve malli. He entered in the Mahal with a truck and different animals like lion ,tiger , leopard ,dear etc. He fights the Britishers but suddenly Rama came here in uniform and bheema was surprised . They fight with each other because he wants to complete the promise of his father . He arrested the Bheema and punished him with the hunter of iron nails .
Suspense in the movie is that Rama Raju doing all these activities because of he want to become a senior officer of the weapon.

He want to distribute the weapon in all the hands of Indian . His father also a revolutionary and he made a army to fight with Britishers . But army attack his father and people and killed all of them .Then Rama Raju promise his father to free the country from Britishers with the helps of weapons. On the day of death of bheema ,the rama make a plan to save the Bheema from Britisher. He removed the firing pins from all the weapon . He able to save the Bheema and Malli but itself caught by the Britishers. Bheema nothing know about it he thought that Ramaraju is a cheater. But when he met to the Sita(Alia Bhatt). He told everything about the mission of RamaRaju. Then Bheema realise his mistake and promise to take back. He reached at the place where Ramaraju is present in a black hole place with the help of Jenny . He able to find out the Rama and relieve them also from Britishers. He treated him and then fired to all the properties of the Britishers. He also killed the king Scott and the queen and bring a full truck of weapons with Ram and hand over the Sita. Thus the movie becomes ended.


I hope guys you are enjoyed it a lot. If you have any kind of query or suggestion regarding this movie then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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