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Hello friends, How are you. I am welcome you all in our website Today I am going to give you information about an entertaining topic. This topic is Solitaire classic Card game. I thought I always give you information about study investment but today I will give you information about a game and that game is Solitaire classic Card game. Solitaire classic Card game is very interesting and funny. This game can be played by the children, men , women, old age or any person. This game can be played both online and offline. For playing Solitaire classic Card online we have to download Solitaire classic game app in your Phone or laptop or desktop or tablet. You can play this game offline among your friends at home also.

What Is Solitaire Classic Game ?

Solitaire Card Games is a Classic Card Games for all cards game true lovers. All card lover love to play Solitaire classic game Like other games i.e. spider solitaire, solitaire, Klondike solitaire, pyramid solitaire, This Solitaire Card Game is absolutely have more fun and interest. Earlier Solitaire classic game is a computer game but now its become easy for people to play Solitaire classic game on mobile phone and tablet. Playing Solitaire classic game is a great time killer and brain sharping game. Solitaire classic Card Game is well designed for phone and tablet. This game can also be downloaded without effort for iPad and iPhone. This game is not only popular in India but also in other countries or we can say all over the world . For years people play Solitaire game using Solitaire cards but now we can play with the help of app in your phone. We can play it on the bus, in the line and any where we want. Now we don’t have to shuffle the cards any more which saves our time.

Solitaire game

From Where You Can Get Solitaire Classic Card Game ?

For playing solitaire classic Card game you have to buy solitaire cards from market but for playing it online you have to visit on Play Store. From Play Store you can download solitaire classic game. If you caught up in while playing it then you can easily resume this game.

How To Play Solitaire Classic Card Game?

Here I will tell the steps that need to be follow to play Solitaire classic Card game online-

1: In solitaire game there are 7 piles of card are dealt. In its first round the first and the left most card are dealt in face up position and other six are dealt in face down position.

2 : In the second round of solitaire card game game start with receiving second pile face up card and remaining five by receiving face down cards.

3 : This is third round and always starts with dealing face up card in third pile and face down cards from fourth deck onwards.

4 : These dealing remains continue until all seven decks have one face up card on top. Number of cards in each pile increases from left to right.

5 : The other or we can say remaining 24 card’s are always placed in face down in a deck which is separated from seven cards.

Step 6 : In this game 4 imaginary empty slots are also there which is above the seven deck. We can use these slots to create foundation piles.

Type Of Solitaire Classic Card Game

1) Klondike Solitaire

This game is also known as just solitaire. It is a very common and mostly used solitaire game. It is a new version of the game that was earlier came with windows.

2) Spider Solitaire

This is also a very popular and mostly demanded version of Solitaire game. Spider solitaire also earlier come in window. This game has different levels of difficulties. Difficulty level increases with increase in levels in the game. Spider Solitaire game is played by one player only.

Top 5 Free Websites To Play Solitaire Game Online

1) Solitr

Solitaire and spider solitaire game is offered by this simple online platform. Even you do not need to sign up in this platform to play any game. This platform does not have any sound effect.

2) Google Solitaire

At this platform we can play easy and hardest version of Solitaire game. It holds too simple graphic. This platform also don’t require any sign up to play. It has similar sound effect with original version.

3) World Of Solitaire

This platform also do not have any sound effect also not require any sign up to play at this version. World of solitaire is another platform to play Solitaire. It offers 121 version solitaire which include different type of Klondike or classic solitaire. Turn one , turn three, Double turn one and three and triple turn one and three. At this website we can also play Pyramid, Scorpion, Spider, Yukon and other versions of this game.

4) Solitaire Web App

It offers 12 versions of solitaire including Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid, FreeCell, Forty thieves etc.

5) Card Game

It is a very simple platform. This platform offers solitaire, spider solitaire, Free Cell , Spades and so on. This platform also not require sign up to play.

Benefits of playing solitaire game

1) Solitaire game saves your time that because we can play it in bus, metro, lines. It does not require special time to play it.

2) This game sharps your memory. To play this Game we have to play it with mind. A person who is playing it on daily basis holds sharp memory as compare to the person who is not playing this game.

3) Playing this game is too simple and easy. For online you just need internet and mobile phone and for offline you just need one more person and cards.

4) It teaches important life lessons.

5) In this game not only a single person Play. This claim is played between two or more than two person and each person complete with another person because everyone wants to win the game. This increases competitiveness among people.

6) It is an entertaining game. People enjoy that time when they are playing it. Solitaire game is a good source of entertainment. People feel relaxed and tension free while playing this game. This game provides a tension free opportunity to enjoy their life good moments that everyone wants in their life in this too busy lifestyle.


So friends how is this entertaining topic. I hope after lots of educational topic this topic definitely refreshes your mind. Definitely now you all are feeling relaxed and also you will learn future topics in more interesting way. I you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on suggestions.

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