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Hello guys, How are you all ? I hope everything is going well in your family and friends. Hope this new year 2022 brings lots of happiness and growth in your life. May all your wishes will come true. Friends, Today we are going to discuss about a Web series story. I am giving you brief of this story and you guys have to guess the name of this particular web series. This story is about those peoples who fails in their life due to any reason. The whole story revolves around 456 players. I am sure that you all had estimated the name of this article. Yes, you all are correct today’s topic is Squid game. I can definitely say that if you are a Web series lover then this article will surely attract you. So friends stay connected to our website nai-khoj.com to know more about Squid Game.

Characters In Squid Game

Here is the list of main characters of this movie. The name consist their original name with name that they hold in movie.
1) Seong Gi – hun
2) Park Hae – soo who play the role of Cho Sang – woo
3) HoYeon Jung who play the role of Kang Sae – byeok
4) Anupam Tripathi who play the role of Abdul Ali
5) Oh Young – soo who play the role of Oh Il – nam
6) Heo Sung – tae who play the role of Jang Deok-su
7) Kim Joo – ryung who play the role of Han Mi-nyeo
8) Wi Ha – joon who play the role of Hwang Jun-ho
9) Lee Byung – hun who play the role of The Front Man
10) Lee Yoo – mi who play the role of Ji – yeong

Parentheses In Squid Game

The parentheses that represent the character’s assigned number in the Squid Game are as follows-

1) Lee Jung-Jae As Seong Gi-Hun

He is a divorced chauffeur and gambling addicted person. Seong Gi-hun lives with his mother and doing lots of struggles to support his daughter financially. For this he participates in the game to settle his many debts, and also wants to prove himself financially stable enough to have custody of his daughter, who is to leave for the United States with her mother and stepfather.

2) Park Hae-Soo As Cho Sang-Woo

This person is the former head of an investment team at a securities company. He studied at Seoul National University and also a junior classmate to Gi-hun . He steal money from his clients and for this fraud he is wanted by the police and he is racking up massive debts from bad investments.

3) Wi Ha-Joon As Hwang Jun-Ho

Hwang Jun-ho is a police officer. He sneaks into the game to find his missing brother. He comes as a guard in the game.

4) HoYeon Jung As Kang Sae-Byeok

Kang Sae-byeok is a North Korean defector. For playing the role of a broker she enters into the game. She rescue her parents across the border and also buy a house for her reunited family to live in it.

5) O Yeong-Su As Oh Il-Nam

An elderly man. Oh Il-nam has with a brain tumor who prefers to play this game only as opposed to waiting to die in the outside world.

6)Heo Sung-tae As Jang Deok-Su

Jang Deok-su is a gangster. He enter into the game to settle his massive gambling debts which includes money that he stole from his boss and underlings.

7) Anupam Tripathi As Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali is a migrant worker from Pakistan. He comes into the game to provide for his young family because his boss refuses to pay him for months.

8) Kim Joo-Ryoung As Han Mi-Nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo is a loud and manipulative woman. The reasons for entering into the game are left unexplained in the story, but she boasts that she was charged five times for fraud, which correctly implies that she is a con woman.



Squid game South Korean drama movie which comes on Netflix on September 2021 and and it becomes most popular and demanded drama movie for this year.

Title Of Movie

The title of this Korean movie had taken from a similar named Korean children’s game. Hwang had taken this story idea by his own experience as economic struggles early in life, as well as the class disparity prevailing in South Korea and capitalism. Though initially he had written this story in 2009 but he was not able to find a production company to fund that idea until Netflix took an interest around 2019 as part of their drive to expand legs of their foreign programming offerings. Hwang had written all nine episodes and also directed all these nine episode.

Story Overview

The story is about 456 peoples who are in Deep financial debt. In story there is a divorced chauffeur and gambling addict whose real name is Lee Jung-jae. This person is struggling to support his daughter and they are living with his mother. They are invited to play a series of children’s games for a KRW 45.6 billion prize amount. The location for this game is totally unknown where a masked guards in pink jumsuits is hired to always keep an eye on them. This game is of debt people ie. People who are in debt problem. In this game he has to competes with 455 other players who are also in debt. In game after 456 players discover that losing the games can be fatal, the players start allying with to each other to survive.

The first game that they have to play is ‘Red light, Green light ‘game. The horrible twist in this game is if a player is caught in this game then he or she got eliminated and here it means “elimination equates to death”. Now everyone got panic and is subsequently shot down until the remaining players will decide to actually play the game. At the end, almost half of all the players are eliminated with the rest in shock regarding what they have signed on for.

The next game or we can say second game that they have to play is sugar honeycombs. The players have to carve out a particular shape from a biscuit without breaking it.

The fifth game is revealed to be glass stepping stones. In this game the players have to choose between a normal glass or a tempered glass step with two adjacent bridges. The twist is that the wrong choice means the glass will shatter under their weight, sending them down to their doom.

Before the last game, a fancy dinner is arranged and the three contestants are invited for it .They are encouraged to carry along their own steak knives with them.

Squid Game



I hope your excitement about this web series story will definitely completed. After seeing this you also get know about economic struggles and class divide in South Korea. This movie shows the life style of people’s in south korea. If you have any kind of query or suggestion related to this topic then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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