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TALLY MEANING AND GST RETURNS : Hello friends, How are you all ? I hope you all are well. Today I am welcome you all in our informational, educational website nai-khoj.com. Friends today we are going to discuss about a accounting related topic or we can say computer related topic. So guy’s do you have any guesses about the topic. The only hint to guess this topic is that this topic is related to both category computer and accounting. Very good guy’s your guess is right today’s topic is TALLY and GST return. In Tally topic we will discuss about its meaning, meaning of GST, How can file GST return and documents required for it. So guy’s stay connected to our website to learn more about TALLY.

What Is Tally?

It is an accounting software, it’s a low-cost ownership and easy to use. It’s available in various type like tally ERP 9 , tally prime but most of the companies use tally ERP 9. On tally we can keep safe data of debtors, creditors, bank, generate invoice, Profit & loss, inventory, stock ageing report, GST report, stock wise entry and many more reports. We can also export data and use it.

What Is GST ?

GST stands for good and services tax which is paid by every person dealing in goods and services under registered GST certificate. After registration we get TRN i.e. Temporary registration number and with in 7-15 days we get GST number and after getting GST number Companies and firms are identify by GST number in GST tax. GST tax collected by the Central government and state government.

How We Can Take GST Number And Required Documents.

User can take GST number easily by registering themselves on GST portable. The required necessary documents for this purpose are-
1. Aadhar card
2. Pan card
3. Bank details
4. One address prove if the promises is on rent then rent agreement.
5. Photograph of proprietor

Who File GSTR Return?

Every GSTN holder file GST return according to their business size or turnover, user can file GSTR by their own or they can hire any CA or GST accountant because they are expert in filing GST return. There are various kind of GSTR returns available:-


1) GSTR 1

GSTR1 is all about output (sale). GSTN holder who has annual turnover 2 crore they file GSTR1 before due date 11th of the next month.

2) GSTR 2

GSTR 2 is input claim return and it is now suspended from September 2017.

3) GSTR 2A

GSTR 2A is summary of input data and it is filled by creditor every month before due date i.e. 20th of next month. In this every supplier file all the sales invoice which reflect in GSTR2A on the another party hand. On the basis of this data buyer claim for input and this summary generate every month.


GSTR 2AB is also summary of input but in GSTR 2AB we can see before a month or more than a month data.

5) GSTR 3B

Summary of GSTR1 reflects in GSTR 3B and buyer’s file all the inputs and payable tax is calculated in this return. User also claim for ITC (Input tax credit) in this. This return can be file 20th of every month.

6) GSTR – 4

GSTR 4 file by under registration composition scheme of section 10 CGST act (supplier of good) and CGST (rate) notification number 2 dated 7th march 2020 ( supplier of services). This return files annually 30th of the financial year.

7) GSTR – 5

GSTR 5 file by the person who is non – resident and running their business in India, this type of return file monthly on 20th of the month.

8) GSTR – 6

GSTR 6 file by input service distributor, this return mainly show about ITC received by an input service distributor and distribution of ITC. This return files monthly basis i.e. 13th of the month.

9) GSTR – 7

GATR -7 is about TDS(Tax deduct at source), this return file by user who need to deduct TDS in GST. In this return user pay TDS if it is payable and also can claim if TDS is refundable. The return file monthly 7th of every month.

10) GSTR – 8

GSTR – 8 is about TCS ( Tax collection at source ) and it’s also file 10th of every month. This GSTR file by e-commerce operators who are registered under GST and need to collect TCS. In this return supplier make all the details from the e-commerce platform.

11) GSTR – 9

GSTR – 9 is all about inward and outward supplies of financial year, there are various tax heads like CGST, SGST & IGST and during the file this return we need to input HSN code of every item including payable tax detail. This is an annual return and due date of it is 31st December of Financial year and this is file by GST holder who doesn’t have more then 2 crore aggregate turnover.

12) GSTR – 9C

This is the reconciliation return which is filed by all the GST holders whose turnover is more then 2 crore. It have to certify through Chartered Accountant or Cost Management Accountant after GST audit from the books and matching the figure from GSTR – 9. Last date is for this is also 31st December of Financial year.

13) GSTR – 10

GSTR – 10 return filed when any GST holder want to surrender and cancel their GST number. We can say that it is the last return of that particular GST number and it is file whatever the nearest date of cancellation or cancellation order.

14) GSTR – 11

GSTR – 11 filed by those who have Unique Identity Number ( UIN ) regarding get refund in GST from goods & services purchase in India. UIN is made for foreign diplomatic mission and embassy who is not liable to pay tax in India, it is mainly about to take refund from tax.

What Is E – Invoice ?

E – invoice is also known as electronic invoice and it is generated for B2B ( business to business) who have GST number and also use common portal GST. In e – invoice it generate a QR ( Quick Responsive ) code via scanning and by this it can take all the knowledge of that invoice.
E – invoice generated by those who have 500 crore and more than that turnover of the previous year.



I hope Tally topic help you guys as well as your family and friends to succeed in your accounting work. This topic help you to know about TALLY, GST return, Invoice etc. As I observed that many people do no have clarity of basic things in Tally. I am definitely sure that this topic clear your all all doubts. If you have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely resolve your all queries and will work on your suggestions.

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