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THE KASHMIR FILES MOVIE: Hello friends, How are you all. I hope you all are enjoying this festive season. Today I am welcome you all on the story of a movie ” The Kashmir Files”. By this article I will let you guys the entire story of this movie and will also give you the link so that you can see this movie. So guys stay connected to read this article to more about this movie and it’s characters.

Entertainment Sources

Our country is a hub of different types of culture, tradition and entertainment . In our country each state has a different culture. If we are talk about the entertainment, we entertain with different modes and sources.
If we go back in years then at that time we entertain ourselves by playing different games and sports, by cultural dance and songs like folk song etc. Now the scenario has totally changed with changed in time, we start entertaining ourselves with electronic gadgets. We watch movie, serials and comedy channels on television. The movie play an important role in our life . Some of the movies are based on action, dhamaal, comedy and horror . But today we are talking about a real story. Yes the movie is ” THE FILES OF KASHMIR ” is a real story.

Release Date Of The Movie “The Kashmir Files”

It is a Indian Hindi movie which released on 11 March 2022 in Indian cinemas and theatres. This movie relates to our nations rights, laws, religion and humanity. This story is based on the Indian state Kashmir. It is a story in withdrawal of Kashmiri Pandits and Hindu families from their homes .

Writers Of “The Kashmir Files” Movie

The writer of this movie is Vivek Agni hotri and Saurabh M. Panday. Vivek is also the director of this movie.

Producer Of “The Kashmir Files” Movie

This movie is produced by four producers.
1) Abhishek Agarwal
2) Pallavi Joshi
3)Tej Narayan Agarwal
4) Vivek Agnihotri
The movie is edited by a famous editor “Shankh Rajadhyaksha”. The movie is music by “Rohit Sharma” and songs are sung by “Swapnil Bandodkar”.

Vivek Agnihotri Life Style

He is a famous director and writer of scripts and stories of Hindi Indian movies. He has engaged as a member of the centre board of film certificate in 2019. His movies is basically depends on the culture of India. He is also a member of cultural representative of Indian cinema at the “Indian council for cultural relations”. He was awarded by the “National Film Award” for best screenplay dialogues in the year 2019 for the Tashkent files.

Characters of “The Kashmir Files” Movie

Mithun Chakraborty play a role of an IAS officer Brahma Dutt. Anupam Kher act as a kashmiri Pandit Pushkar Nath Pandit. Pallavi Joshi casts as a name of Radhika Menon. Prakash Belawadi as a role of an Indian Hindu Dr. Mahesh Kumar . Puneet Issar as DGP Hari Narain. Bhasha Sumbli as Sharda Pandit. Sourav Verma as Afzal. Mrinal Kulkarni as Laxmi Dutt. Atul Srivastava play a role of news reporter Vishnu Ram. Prithviraj Sarnaik Amaan Iqbal as Karan Pandit. Chinmay Mandelkar as a main role of as a villain Farooq Malik Bitta in the movie .
Darshan Kumar is the hero of the movie as a name of Krishna pandit.

Mithun Chakraborty


Mithun Chakraborty is a great personality and star of Indian cinema. He is a actor and producer in Bengali and Hindi movies. Now he is a politician as a former Rajya Sabha member of Parliament. He is awarded two times for filmfare award and three times for National Film award. His one movie is released in 1982″ Disco Dancer ” which is a successful movie in India. Name of some movie are Surakksha, Sahhas, Wardat, Wanted, Boxer, Pyar Jhukta Nahin, Pyari Behna, Avinash, Dance Dance, Prem Pratigyaa, Mujrim, Agneepath, The Don and Jallaad .

Story Of “The Kashmir Files” Movie

After the partition of India and Pakistan, some wars started between India and Pakistan on the state of Kashmir. Kashmir is a state which is always a reason of crisis between India and Pakistan. Before 1996 a mass of Hindu pandits live in Kashmir and the population of Muslim at that place is too much .Due to some crisis against the Hinduism the Muslim Farooq Malik Bitta provoke the muslims to fired out the Kashmiri pandits from his area and any hindu oppose his decision then killed him. The pushkar is a Hindu pandit whose family is also in his area with him. The Bitta enters in the home of pushkar pandit and killed his son in a wheat store tank with the bullets fire. Bitta is a student of Pushkar Pandit.
Bitta scolded the shardha pandit to eat the bleeded wheat of her husband Karan pandit to save the life of her two sons and pushkar. She ate the wheat. Then pushkar called their friend Dr. Mahesh Kumar pandit for save the life of Karan pandit. But his son was no more.

Now the role of IAS officer start. He informed to the IAS Brahma Dutt one of his friend and told about the death of his son and also blamed to IAS for all this mis-happenings. Then Pushkar family live that place forever and reached at another place anyhow. Pushkar eyes become deam but he tried to teach the grandson Shiva. Now the Krishna pandit is in the age of just 3 years only . Pushkar ji writes a lot of letter to prime minister of India to flash out the act 370 till the age of death.


After an interval , many years gone away and Krishna pandit becomes young and he started to participate in election of University president. Then he introduced with a professor Radhika. She divert her mind and provoke him against Indian constitution and military. She demands for a Aazad Kashmir and Provoke many other students. When pushkar ji knew that his grandson is fight against Indian constitution and Indian government announced him a terrorist, he tried to understand him and suddenly he got a shoch in heart and become dead in a hospital. Pushkar ji make a wish to Krishna , after his death his ash will be take his old home in Kashmir and spread it in the home. It was his first time when he met his grandfather’s friends – IAS Brahma Dutt, Dr.Mahesh Kumar, DGP Hari Narian and Vishnu Ram.

All his friends decide that nobody tell him truth. Krishna decided that he will met to the Bitta . After fullfill his grandfather wish, he went to met bitta. Bitta provoked him against India again. After that he came back to IAS home. When Dutt asked him to about his friend Bitta ,he started arguing with Dutt. Then Dutt finally told him the truth and also showed him the proof of the genocide of Kashmiri pandits. He read about all the death. At last he show him the proof of his brother and mother’s death which is a suspence in the movie . Then he knew that his mother killed by a wood cutter large machine and his brother was shot dead by the muslim communist Bitta. In a interview Bitta confessed that he had killed 20 Kashmiri pandits But it was a genocide . Still now the kasmiri pandits fights for the justice and wanted to go back their homes.

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