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TRUCK BOOKING APP WHEELS EYE: Hey guys, How are you all. I wish you all are perfectly fine and healthy. Today I am welcome you all on transport related app and that App is Wheels Eye. Transport department is again launching something in the convenience of us. This app helps in intercity of goods transport & logistics requirements. So guys stay connected to this site to learn more about Truck Booking App Wheels Eye.

What Is Wheels Eye App?

It is India’s 1 truck-booking platform. Are you tired of managing multiple transporters on daily basis? Are you not able to find trucks for your next customer delivery? Do you have issue in negotiation of price? All your these problems can be resolved by using Wheels Eye App. It is a mobile app. So we can say that now our mobile app provide us the most easiest way to book trucks online. It is too simple, easy to use, and with lots of amazing features.


How To Download Wheels Eye App?

Guys this app do not require much effort to download it. We just have to write “Truck Booking App Wheels Eye” on play Store. Then click on download it.

Benefits Of Using Truck Booking App Wheels Eye

1) 24X7 Online Booking

Yes guys, it is absolutely correct that Truck Booking App Wheels Eye provide us 24X7 facility. We are not required to call other transporter. What we have to do? We just need to share our booking requirements & pick-up time on the app, and our truck will be at your door automatically.

2) Track Your Consignments

Wheels Eye app is totally safe regarding our consignment. This app provide live tracking of our trip. These trucks are totally equipped with high-quality GPS, speed tracking, theft-protection & relay services. By using this app we can review the vehicle movement on the map and also the remaining distance-related information.


3) Share Truck Location With Customers

If we want that our customers and our team to keep a track of the shipment then we can easily click and share the live tracking link with them thru WhatAapp, email or SMS.

4) Live Trip Update

This facility is also available in Truck Booking App Wheels Eye. Whether the truck on its way to the loading point? How much distance our truck cover yesterday? Have any expenses added or modified? We can receive continuous updates using this app.

5) Instant Invoice

We can easily download the invoice as soon as the trip gets completed.

6) Transparent Pricing

By using Truck Booking App Wheels Eye a detailed overview of all the expenses like base freight charges & overheads can be easily saw on the app.

7) Trip Hotline

If we have any kind of question or require immediate support then we can always contact our customer success manager through our trip hotline.

8) Payment Mode?

If we are using this app then we do not get worried about payment methods. We can transfer Money via NEFT, IMPS, Net Banking & UPI.

Which Type Of Truck We Can Book With Wheels Eye App?

We can book truck with a fleet size of 15,00,000+ across India. Wheels Eye is able to provide any truck as per our logistics requirements. Based on 50000+ bookings, following are the most popular trucks booked on this platform:

1) 32 ft. SXL Container Trucks
2) 32 ft. MXL Container Trucks
3) 14-24ft. Container Trucks
4) 14-22 ft. Open Trucks
5) 10 tyre/ 12 tyre/ 14 tyre Open Trucks
6) Pickup Trucks
7) Trailer Trucks


I hope friends this app help to solve all your consignment related problems. Now you do not have to fear about how you deliver your product to customer. Guys still If you have any kind of query or suggestions regarding Truck Booking App Wheels Eye then feel free to drop a message in the comment box. I will definitely resolve all your queries and will work on your suggestions.

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