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Hello friends. How are you ?
As we know some times before, its too much difference between a boy and a girl. But now both are the same for the parents . Both are going to read in same school ,college and ground . They  plays well together , enjoy together and loves to each other . Now boys and girls are try to understand each other .After a better understanding they comes in relationship for a period which helps to learn an adjustment and management to stay happy . After in relationship ,they are known as the couple. These couple celebrate and enjoy their love by meeting continue for a week . Valentine Week is also called as Valentine’s celebration Week

What Is Valentine Week ?

Valentine Week is a week in which lovers express their feelings , emotions to each other and celebrate their love , admiration and friendship. It is an annual festival for the couples. Basically it consist of 8 days which starts from 7 February and ends on the 14 February . Every day has a special importance and significance. The people send the messages to express their love to family , friends and Lovers. That is right we do not need any special day to express their love but this week is specifically dedicated to the lovers .

These 7 Days Are Arranged An A Sequence Which Are –

1) 7 February – Rose Day
2) 8 February- Propose Day
3) 9 February- Chocolate Day
4) 10 February -Teddy Day
5) 11 February- Promise Day
6) 12 February – Hug Day
7) 13 February – Kiss Day
8) 14 February- Valentine’s Day

Rose Day

It is a first day of the love celebration week and it is a very special day .On this day lovers gift a rose or a booke of roses to their love one .The colour of roses become red . This red colour is a symbol of love . Lovers celebrate this day with a joy and excitement. Basically when a couple like to each other then by exchanging the rose ,they share the emotions and feelings to each other . Flowers shows that “love at first sight”. It is symbol of love .

Rose day

Propose Day

It is the 2nd day of the Valentine Week which is celebrated on 8 February .It is the most important and very special day . That is a day on which the lovers share their feelings to each other by proposing with a very beautiful word ” I love You”. Couples propose to each other with their own style and ideas .
For example- They go to  shopping areas and complexes and a quiet place to propose. People also use the red roses to propose the boyfriend or girlfriend .Couples use different types of thought on this day.
1) I am always be with you
2) please stay in my life forever
3) Will you hold me for the rest of my life
4) I m so lucky u are my love etc.

Chocolate Day

This is the day Of sweets which is celebrated on 9 February and that is the 3rd day of the Valentine Week. Chocolate is a healthy food for the instant energy . That day is tribute to man kindness and affection of sweet attraction and thinking in a relationship . Like to take care of each other and to keep concentration of all the fulfillments of each other . On that day couple gifts  to each other. it keeps the people in a good behavior and enhances the charm of the relationship.
It reduces the cholesterol level and cardiovascular problems, keeps your mind refresh and many more. Basically ,the world chocolate day is celebrated on 7 July globally. This sweet chocolate was discovered in 1550 and then become famous over the world.

Teddy Day

Teddy day is celebrated on 10 February and it is the 4th day of the love week .On this day the couple offer gifts to the boyfriend or girlfriend . Specifically boyfriend gifts the teddy bear to his girlfriend as a token of their love that’s why this day is known as Teddy day . The age doesn’t matter , it’s never late to buy a toy. Teddy bear easily adapt to every situation and celebration because teddy are too much versatile .Teddy is also a perfect friend for sleeping. This teddy bear are available in different sizes on the shop .

Promise Day

Promise day is the 5th day of the week and celebrate on 11th February of the week . This day plays vital role in relationship .Promise helps to keep the integrity  in relationship. The couple promises to each other that they will  live forever be together in any situation, thick and thin difficulties. They go to temple and pray for each other to always stay both of them together to keep smiling and happy. This day is decorated with the true words only ,not with the gifts.

Promise day

Hug Day

Hug day is celebrated on 12th February and that is the 6th day of the Valentine Week. On this day the boyfriend and girlfriend hug to each other. They hug to each other so tightly for a long time . This hug integrate their love and helps to remove all the problems of the relationship . In that love we don’t need any gift or any word even we need only hug.
National hugging day is celebrated on 21 January .It is created by Kevin Zaborney. On National hug day people hug to their family and friends .

Kiss Day

Kiss day is celebrated on 13 February and that is the 7th day of the valentine’s Valentine Week .
This day is specifically only for couples and it is highly romantic day .Because a boyfriend and girlfriend kisses to each other on the lips , chicks and forehead .They express their feelings and love by physically in arms . A kiss is a symbol of trust and it also symbolizes the respect of that person in the relationship .That moment is a golden day and we don’t miss that golden day. A poet Bergman said that “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become Superfluous. A kiss expresses high form of person in which second person never want to get become hurt.

Valentine’s Day

That is the last and the most important day in all of these days. This day is celebrated on 14 February .It is also called Feast of saint valentine .The meaning of valentine is modern day of love.
On this day the couple go for a trip to enjoy the day . They also go for a lunch or a dinner in a restaurant  to spend the time with each other .They gifts the handwritten gritting cards , red roses and gifts to each other. That day is full of romance and enjoyment. Many of the couple get married on that day .


I hope Valentine Week topic will definitely help you all in their life because this topic is important in each and every person’s life. If you have any query or suggestion on Valentine Week topic feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will  try to resolve your queries as soon as possible and also work on suggestion.

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