Wedding Destination In India

Hello guys. How are you? As we all know wedding season is started now. In today’s life everybody wants to Mary at some unique place. So Today I will let you know top ten weeding destination in India. These places are so beautiful and attractive. In this pandemic situation every wedding places, banquet hall and tent House was close since pandemic start i.e.  20 March, 2020. Now these destination and banquet halls are open also wedding seasons are started. Therefore this Idea to right a article on wedding destinations comes in my mind.

Top 10 Destination Destination In Indian

1) Udaipur
2) Jaipur
3) Kerala
4) Andaman and Nicobar islands
5) Goa
6) Agra
7) Rishikesh
8) Mussoorie
9) Jim Corbett
10) Gurugram Manesar

The trends to organize wedding at different destinations become very popular among youth. Every person wants to Mary at weddings destination. This trend creates competition among these places. The owner of these places facing huge competition which leads to huge prices and also making these places best among other places. The photography in these places is so cool because of Beauty of that places.


Udaipur comes in topmost wedding places in India. It is a very glorious and Blue sky places. It is its beauty that attracts couple to choose it as their wedding place. Due to its beauty photography is also create a different look.


As we all know it is situated in Rajasthan. Earlier Rajasthan was hub of kings and queens. Here you can get the chance to marry like a king and a queen in royal style. Celebrities also choose this place to get married due to its royal style only. In Jaipur there are lots of Beautiful Mansion, Forts and these are still give a perfect look. No banquet hall will compete to this. Jaipur is famous for folk dance and SARANGI.


The best time to choose Kerala as wedding destination is September to March. Kerala is famous for eating food at banana leaves. This thing touches the rituals of Kerala. In Kerala mainly coconut and banana trees are there which add to the beauty of this state. So guy’s if you Love Kerala style of wearing dhoti and love it’s nature then it is the best place to choose it for marriage with your love one.


Andaman And Nicobar Island

The attractive monsoon and whether is the main reason to attract people to choose this place as their wedding destination. As we know that most part of its is not accessible to tourist but it had some places and resorts which attract people to get married at this island. The highest mountain and river are so beautiful and attractive. Couples are very excited to get married here. Its like getting married in heaven.

Andaman and nicobar


Goa beech always attracts people to get there. Every body wants to get marry with there special one in Goa. Organizing Haldi and Mehandi at beech is the best place and rain dance in the middle of sea attract people. Entire year we can choose this place for marriage. It is famous for beautiful places and resorts at reasonable prices. Goa is a place mixed with bag of pristine beaches, breathtaking sunset, historical churches and verdant forests. These are best things for wedding and pre- wedding shoot.


As we all know that Taj mahal is a different kind of unique symbol of true love and it is situated in Agra. Every body wants to get married at a place which is a symbol of true love. Its beauty attract people to choose it as wedding destination. Agra fall in Uttar Pradesh. The best time to get married in Agra is October to March. It is not only a wedding place but also a tourist place. People comes Agra only to visit Taj Mahal.
Agra is also famous for sweets specially for meva.


Hills not only attract to visit people in Rishikesh to spent time to their beloved but also attract couples to choose it as wedding destination. It is also the best sacred city in India. It is famous for PHERAS on the shore of Ganga river because Ganga is there in the Rishikesh. The flowing rivers sound with mantras sound and sound of well is a feeling that you are in heaven without any problem. The best time to organize wedding in Rishikesh is October to March.


It is not only a beautiful tourist place but also a good Place to choose it as wedding destination. This is famous for beautiful green trees which covers hills and mountains and lighting on these in the night gives a looks like sky is sparking in the night. The best time to choose it a wedding destination is Early April to mid of July. The clear sky and heavy mountains attract people to visit once.

Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is famous for tree- laden land which attracts you and your beautiful partner to celebrate the biggest day of your life i.e. wedding day in Jim Corbett. Here you get the opportunity to get PHERAS under a mandap which is surrounded by beautiful forest hills and chilly mountain Air. Every body wants to give some unique surprise to his or her partner. So you have a change by choosing Jim Corbett as wedding destination you can give the most beautiful and unique surprise to you loving life partner. The best time get to choose it wedding destination is every month of a year. You can choose any day f a year for getting married here.

Gurugram- Manesar

I know you all are surprised to know that Gurugram comes in top ten wedding destination in India. Don’t worry you are not only the person who get surprise I was also one of you who get surprised. I you want to marry in a beautiful and unique destination with your loving partner and also don’t want to travel too much distance to reach that place then it is a best choice. Gurugram is famous for variety of beautiful resorts, hotels and best royal themes for wedding. In the entire year Gurugram can be choosen as wedding destination.


So friends I hope this information helps you all to choose best place for your wedding. Though I had explained only top ten but in India there are other places that also a good wedding destination but these are the best places. For royal style wedding destination you can turn a look towards Jodhpur, Jaisalmer etc. If you guys have any kind of query or suggestions then feel free to drop a message in comment box. I will definitely work on that.

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